How to seize the good opportunity to buy the foreign exchange market

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   The fickleness of the currency market, elusive to the authors years of experience forex broker rebate program speculation in foreign exchange to years, think there are eight patterns is a good opportunity to buy, investors can try the first: the wings of a pair of currencies to stop as a precursor, the next autorebateforex the exchange forexbrokerrebateprogram does not fill the gap but closed out a small sun, the third day again closed out side by side a small sun, the fourth or fifth day will often be attacked by the sun upward Operation points: 1. the exchange rate to stop as a precursor; 2. the first stop, the rate of change can not be too large, preferably below 5% 3. short jump the first positive rate of change preferably not more than 3 times the rate of change of the stop 4. short jump the second positive rate of change preferably remain in the previous day volume of about 1/2 the second: ants on the tree refers to the low stabilization of the exchange rate, relying on the 5-day average, with a continuous small positive slowly climbing, its Volume remains in a relatively moderate state, will release intermittent volume especially in the disc trend retracement can still maintain the same rhythm, just like the ants males in the continuous advance, but this is not the best time to buy, but in the presence of a retracement, down below the 5-day forexrebatebest, near the 10-day line to get support cashback forex close the lower shadow negative, consider intervening because the next two days will often attack upward with a positive line, a new high third: double bottom Morning Star exchange rate after a continuous decline in the first cross to stabilize, along the 5 day line slowly climb, during the period will be interspersed with small yin, but the overall center of gravity continues to move up, the 5 day line for the first time through the 10 day line, after reaching a certain height, the reverse pull back, again down, often the negative entity will gradually lengthen, the 5 day line through the 10 day line; in the case of no new lows, again closing a cross or small yang on volume, performance For the double concave volume, there will be a continuous upward market in the short term fourth: bake clouds to the moon to stop as a lead, the exchange rate in the long Yang entity above the horizontal finishing, in back against the 10-day average when a slight struggle, followed by a negative line through, 5, 10-day average first hit into a dead cross, 20-day average or 30-day average to catch up, once stabilized, will be a continuous upward attack with a positive line, measuring the rise in more than 10% 5 The daily average volume line and 40-day average volume line bonding is a sign of short-term adjustment in place, this time you can consider intervening in the fifth: Towers after the stop, the next day slightly higher than the opening 2%-3%, the impact of the broader market long yin fall back to the previous days stop entity long Yang central, accompanied by the volume to remain below 5%, before and after two days basically flat is to rise, but deliberately retracted next usually have two kinds of trends: one is back against the 5-day line after closing the cross, and then began to counterattack; the other is to open slightly down, and then directly to a positive line to swallow the previous days negative line, a new high operation points: 1. stop must be from the bottom to the top through, and can not be jumping high open seal stop 2. stop the volume of the day and the next day retracement should be basically flat Sixth: ascent to the top of the exchange price is continuing upward, in the closing of the second day of the positive line but jump low to the previous positive opening price below the opening, and then repeatedly upward, closing in the previous positive closing price above the formation of the trend of the sun wrapped around the sun this trend is one of the oscillating upward trend, often the long head attack had been some kind of unexpected blow, but the will to attack is still firm, can consider holding the currency pair, people who want to increase the code can consider the next day the exchange rate was pulled up to the previous days closing price near the action again specific operations In the first day of operation, the currency pair should carefully observe the fundamentals and news, in order to guard against certain main forces and institutions to use the form of fraudulent line shipments seventh: retreat curved bow to stop as a lead, the exchange rate above the stop for horizontal finishing, back against the 5-day average, a feint, leaving a small yang or small yin with a long shadow, and then the next day back against the 10-day average, closed with a lower shadow of the bald yin, the third day will often start to Yang continuous Upward attack, a new high operation points: 1. The volume of the board in the following 5% 2. The next day the volume is best not to exceed the amount of the board more than 2 times the eighth: the bitter end of the sweet in the market on the way up, the big positive after three consecutive shrinkage finishing small negative, followed by a stronger positive, the volume washed out the previous profit-taking and hedging chips, collectively eat the first three small negative, which is often the momentum to be developed signs, the exchange rate will usually continue to rise but because the short has been pulling three yin, the strength has increased, so the speed of the subsequent upward movement of the exchange rate will be slower, most of a disc up the trend, and may appear again this pattern, investors must have patience In addition, sometimes the K-line combination of the third negative entity will be longer, even through the first day of the opening position of the positive, but no volume with, such as after The larger entity of the positive line can also be seen as a way of deforming the method
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