How to look at the shock washout

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  Shock Wash autorebateforexg forex broker rebate program a frequent occurrence in the international currency forexrebatebest Its general explanation is that the market starts before the movement in the opposite direction of the development of the market Its purpose is mainly to force out the small forexbrokerrebateprogram medium-sized retail stop-loss discs, bursting discs, cashback forex that the planners can get some better price positions Generally the larger the market in front of the shock washing strength will also be greater than the smaller the market in front of the shock washing The force will also be smaller So how does the shakeout washout behavior occur? First of all, we must understand how the balance of the market is generated we think the balance is because the number of buyers and sellers of the same direction opposite to reach balance when the number of buyers and sellers are not the same to produce the market to move in one direction when the market starts before the general market popularity will be biased in one direction, such as the last time the pound and then 1.85 near the consolidation most people are still bearish, but the price is glued there, so who is selling? So who is selling it? Why would a big fund sell? Because you can flip the plate at a price level, he wants to flip hundreds of millions of dollars when he needs a price segment rather than a price a large banking system in foreign exchange trends change he needs at least tens of billions of positions need to be converted to currency structure so in your expected price reached before it must act in advance, or wait until we agree when she can not convert its currency structure to open a position so he would rather When it is basically finished building a position they just need to use the news once, whether good or bad (market analysts will explain afterwards: the news is digested in advance, so it rises or falls, or good happens but the market is worried, so it rises or falls) can carry out a shake-out washout shake-out washout in essence Just the balance of one side of the big bank funds to the original pressure of the lid off this time their currency structure conversion has been basically completed (remember the last Goldman Sachs temporary in the market before the expected euro target raised from 1.16 to 1.27 in fact, their large market is short the euro) this time the shock washout occurred, the price along the original intermediate trend direction of rapid rise or fall, small and medium-sized retail stop-loss plate, chopping plate When the retail investors along the original intermediate trend direction are putting more and more money for their victory, the big banks foreign exchange funds began the final massacre suddenly the price began to reverse and is slowly going down little by little so that you do not know on the set (note that the big banks money operation is never slow, it is fast can not build a position) and then put a put, and then the price up a little, and then slowly empty down so many times, until the real news little by little out, held along the original intermediate trend direction of small and medium-sized retail investors once again constantly stop loss plate, chopping plate, burst plate, out when you will find technical indicators repeatedly oversold, you are in the big foreign exchange fund sedan chair this time they may be in the exit, flopped the shock position wash the purpose of the market is to do the right The small and medium-sized retail investors scared out of the wrong market to do the chopping position chopped out ...... The worlds market is so repetitive so we identify the key to the shock washout is to determine whether there is a continuation of the process of regional consolidation in front of a few days (the process of adjustment of the large bank currency structure) and the direction of the shock washout is consistent with the direction of the market before the regional consolidation if so, that is the shock washout
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