How to improve trading for novice

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speculation forexrebatebest foreign exchange novice to improve the skills of forex broker rebate program forexbrokerrebateprogram the need for time cashback forex process if there is over the tutoring, you can make you less detours, as soon as possible into the paradise of profit trading the essence of the heavy in trading and comprehension trading is said to be practical, comprehension is said to be you need to understand the essence of some trading, is to use your brain, autorebateforex like a gambler, with chips, into the casino, a big gamble 1, trading need to be honest and trustworthy you may think, trading and what does this have to do with it general traders, profit like to show off with a winning single, never provide their own loss single because, it does not know that losses are also winning every thing in the transaction, you need to treat with an honest heart 2, trading requires patience to open the trading software, the master first observe the market, observe the market trend, look at the days data release, look at the current trend - short-term, medium-term and long-term then, start making trading plans, entry points, stop-loss points, win points current their own transactions are short term, super short term or medium and long term, and then firmly implement the novice on the contrary, they do not have enough patience, a simple look at the current trend, immediately place a single, and then hold that single, waiting for it to come to a winning moment place a single lack of the necessary patience 3, trading needs Abide by the rules drive to abide by the rules of the road, you will be safe trading also have trading rules, contrary to these rules, you have to pay the price of freedom trading can not be emotional, trading can not be impulsive, to understand when they can trade, when can not trade if you quarrel with your lover, if you are in a bad mood, if you drink on the computer, if you have guests to disturb, etc., these times, you better choose Stay away from the market, once the transaction fails, the price is extremely heavy 4, trading needs to think about the habit of thinking in trading trading some good habits must be developed after thousands of transactions, simulation trading in some habits, once you bring into the real trading, as long as the transaction is beneficial it does not matter, as long as your trading hindrance, you must make adjustments trading once, think once, summarize once A good habit began to form 5, trading needs to control your emotions trading impulse, recklessness in trading, a small error, your position are devastating blow leveraged trading can not be half-impulsive trading should be calm, trading should ignore the profit and loss control the loss, it won the profit 6, trading needs to improvise to keep the money in, not afraid of no opportunity trading in always have you unexpected Things will happen once you find a trading error, the first reaction is to close the position, close the position can solve all problems hesitation, waiting can be a fatal error 7, trading to allow themselves to make mistakes trading mistakes, is the guarantee of winning whether mistakes or mistakes, are normal in trading do not deny themselves because of a mistake how many people do futures failed to end their lives is this necessary? 8. Trading capital loss is their own can afford not to use the funds that affect your life, do not lose the capital loss you simply can not afford to lose trading winnings there are losses trading once the loss occurs, do not affect your life and life, or you put the psychological pressure in trading, mentioned the extreme 9, trading needs to develop a long-term trading goals you just contact foreign exchange, trading has just begun, pay tuition is The inevitable initial trading want to win, that is whimsical trading is a lifetime of things, do not because, your current trading is not successful and deny future trading for yourself to develop a long-term trading plan in the continuous learning process to continuously improve your trading level with 10 years of learning to get the second half of the life of sustained profits
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