How to grasp the foreign exchange market every day the best trading time

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Generally speak forexrebatebestg, foreign exchange fluctuations are relatively large autorebateforex period cashback forex in Beijing time 16:00 --- 24:00, this time for the European forexbrokerrebateprogram American plate time, active trading, volatility in addition, is in the important policies and data released during the volatility will be larger for example, the United States non-farm data, this data on the forex broker rebate programs short-term impact is very large, sometimes in 1 minute will The following is an introduction to the best trading hours of the foreign exchange market: the best trading hours of the main foreign exchange market (China time zone) The worlds foreign exchange market is composed of the foreign exchange market of the international financial center, which is a huge system currently there are about 30 foreign exchange market in the world, the most important of which are London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. They have their own characteristics and are located in different countries and regions, and interconnected, forming a global unified foreign exchange market 5:00-14:00 market is generally and its light This is mainly due to the Asian market to promote the power of the smaller for! General oscillation range within 30 points, no obvious direction more for the adjustment and retracement of the market is generally the opposite of the direction of the day trend, such as: if the day trend up then this period of time more than a small oscillation down 14:00-18:00 for the European morning market, 15:00 after a general market Europe began trading after the funds will increase, the foreign exchange market is a money pile up market. So where the amount of money will be where the huge fluctuations and this period will also be accompanied by the announcement of some influential data on the European currency general oscillation amplitude in the 40-80 points or so this period of time will generally start after 15:30 real market, the market will generally be accompanied by more divergence and breakthroughs and other technical indicators, so it is a relatively good opportunity to catch 18:00 -20:00 for the European noon break and the early morning of the American market this time is the European midday break, but also waiting for the United States to start the eve of the more light 20:0024:00 for the European market in the afternoon and the American market in the morning plate this time is the largest fluctuations in the market, but also the amount of money and the number of participants in the most time generally for more than 80 points of the market this time The market will be in full accordance with the direction of todays action, so the judgment of the market will have to follow the general trend, it can be and Europe is the same direction of the river can be and Europe is the opposite direction, in short, should be consistent with the general trend 24:00 after to early morning for the United States afternoon plate generally at this time has come out of the larger market, this time more for the technical adjustment of the previous market in Chinas foreign exchange traders have other time zone The time advantage that can not be compared to other time zones, is to be able to seize the 15:00-24:00 of this most volatile time period, its for the general investors are engaged in non-foreign exchange professional work, 17:00-24:00 after work this time is free time, just can be foreign exchange investment, do not have to work distracted can say that God for the Chinese time zone foreign exchange investors to create an incomparable Trading time, so that you can try to concentrate on the case of trading
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