How to draw the correct trend line

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in many trading tools, some people like to average trading forexbrokerrebateprogram indicator trading but I after years of experience and study foreign language trading works, summed up the conclusion autorebateforex: any K- forexrebatebest indicators are K-line secondary model, its disadvantage is lagging and will fail then the top international traders are how to trade? They do not use averages, nor indicators, but with the " forex broker rebate program" trading and the trend line is one of the important criteria for determining the trend of the trend of two criteria, one is the trend line, the second is the relationship between the cashback forex of each turning point between the high and low This mainly on the definition of the trend, and the trend line drawing method can be said to seriously read the study I wrote the trend of trading people, the future will be able to become a qualified trader trend is very clear: in a certain period of time, the price in a certain price range in accordance with a certain direction of oscillation forward this is my definition of the trend but the detailed analysis is not so simple we look at the following chart is the recent euro 5 minutes when we see this chart in mind: this price "on the " or "down"? I think this question is easy to answer this is the trend trend line what is it? As mentioned earlier, the price oscillation in a certain range forward trend line is to determine the volatility of the line of the sub-region as follows This is the trend line I drew on the basis of the above chart Each group of trend lines consists of two trend top and trend low We can see that within a certain period, the price is in accordance with the trend of the channel in the advance can be seen, the trend line is not necessarily parallel, although in practice, most of the trend line We can see that on the way, A/B/C/D four "trend breakout", and then the price changed the trend this is the role of the trend line but you see the following chart, let you draw you can draw correctly? There are two lines in this GBP 15 minutes, which one is the correct one? On the surface they both look correct but, if we are trading, the wrong line will send the wrong signal to trade so there is only one way to draw the correct trend line for a certain time level. First of all, I want to explain what is the peak and trough wave, it is well understood that the fluctuations of the "wave" peak is one of the high points of the turning point valley is one of the low points of the turning point of this concept must be clear and then we can talk about the trend line see the following chart: this chart, the red part of the true trend line which can be seen, the green line for the wrong trend The reason is that it ignores the two obvious peaks before the G peak, C and E. Here is how to draw a trend line in a certain period of time and a certain level of time: uptrend: trend top: connecting the "end of the last round of trend" after the "lowest point of the peak" and The "highest peak" cannot cross any price line in the middle; the trend bottom: connects the "lowest valley" after the "end of the previous trend" and the "highest peak before the "valley before the highest peak" cannot cross any price line in the middle of the downtrend: trend top: connects the "highest peak" and the "peak before the lowest valley" after the "end of the previous trend "in the middle can not cross any price line; trend bottom: connecting the "end of the last round of trend" of the "lowest valley" and "after the highest peak of the valley" The middle cannot cross any price line Some people use this definition to look at the green line in the chart above, the results also meet, how does this matter? Ill explain below when you go to the price of the A peak, the right price did not come out when the price went to the B valley, we do not see a new peak, only a lower than the "A" C peak below see the "new valley D" at this time, the At this point, the "lowest point" is D, the highest point is A, then connect the "lowest valley before the peak" for D so that the formation of the trend top in the absence of "new valley" behind the premise of the emergence of the valley F, because F is not the lowest valley (higher than D) so no need to redraw the line if there is a new low, our trend top should be changed to connect the "highest peak A" and "lowest valley before the peak E" I figure that part is connected to the AC. Note that at this time, the G point has not come out so that line AG is not possible line in the 15-minute period is not the correct line, of course, we entered the stock cut to 30 minutes or longer period may be the correct friend if you are familiar with the trend line can be used live but before mastering the strict study of my drawing method, there will be gains above the trend line drawing method can be said to be worth a thousand words, fate to read to dedicate to you, I hope to cherish
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