How to deal with lock single unlock single problem

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In the case of complex market trends, more forexbrokerrebateprogram more live customers face forexrebatebest forex broker rebate program, unlock th autorebateforex problem, but also let a lot of investment friends depressed, worried, the following foreign exchange through financial investment training small to introduce you to the lock single, unlock this problem!  The lock single is divided into two kinds: lock cashback forex single and lock profit single in fact, lock single I do not recommend you to operate, strictly set up a stop loss or timely profit closing can be said: lock single easy to solve a single difficult, solve a single difficult, difficult to the sky! The degree of difficulty and trouble that can be insight single, such as improperly unlocked operations, small losses are likely to become big losses below to talk about lock loss and lock profit respectively A, lock loss 1, why lock loss? If you can strictly stop loss, I think there is no need to take this step generally in the following cases will lock single: a situation is the single after the market has become uncertain, can not judge the direction of the choice of lock single; another situation is that you do not set a stop loss, and your account loss has been great when you can not bear to close the position, in order to prevent greater losses or burst positions can also choose to lock operation in the lock single, there is often a very important operation It will be forgotten, that is, it is best to analyze the direction of the opposite single plus a stop loss, can be set slightly higher 2-3 points, in order to prevent the real market out before the volatility and swept back and forth 2, how to solve a single it? Unwind the single, that is, you have to choose the appropriate time to unlock the single after the lock to unwind, that is, to close the two single respectively, if never close the position, although the account shows the loss is unchanged, but in addition to bear the interest on the overnight single, your later operation and mentality will also be affected Unwind the single there are two difficulties: that is, unwind the single point and time in what kind of point and when to unwind the single will directly affect the profit and loss of your account In simple terms: the point is best to find a break, the time must find the market direction clear to the general investors, the point and time of grasp may be very difficult, the following two through the practice of relatively simple and feasible and easy to grasp method method one: first solve the counter-trend single; method two: first solve the profit single The above two methods of personal preference for the first because we lock single purpose is to prevent losses, then when the market is clear, the purpose of the single is to prevent losses. Then when the market is clear, the counter-trend single off that is equal to cut off the source of loss, but note that the counter-trend single is not equal to the loss of single another homeopathic single can choose the market to go almost flat again The second method, the choice is to take profits first, another single can wait for a pullback or reversal and then flat but pullback and reversal involves judging the timing of the problem if another single such as failure to close in time is likely to be turned into a medium to long term Second, lock profit Lock profit Strictly speaking, in fact, and lock loss is not much difference, the only difference is that when the lock single account hold single situation a loss and a profit personal advice is to lock profit is not as timely profit taking or follow up mobile stop loss, because more under a single is not as clear as the market before the single because the lock profit lock is profitable, then relatively easy to solve up, the psychological burden is also much smaller Although this said, but the principle of unlocking single actually with The reason is that the two want to get similar results, one is to reduce losses, one is to maximize earnings investment in a philosophy is: reduce losses is equal to gain!
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