How to control your position in forex trading

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Whether its live f forexrebatebestex trad forex broker rebate programg or margin trading with bars, forex investors tend to think mostly in terms of market research or being extremely conscious of the profit and loss status of their accounts, while ignoring one of the more important elements of forex trading: position changes, or position adjustments. I would be happy to share some of my views in the text as a qualified trading system should be at least an emergency handling system, and the so-called emergency handling according to the forexbrokerrebateprogram of the cashback forex rate autorebateforex to do a certain expectation adjustment for the current position in accordance with the rules, therefore, in the A complete trading cycle of position change is as important as the trend capture in our use of various technical analysis techniques or experience intuition for the trend of the exchange rate after the judgment, the proportion of open positions occupied capital is not a fixed value this discovery or awareness is definitely not a profound theoretical issues, in fact, experienced traders should have more or less such feelings In fact, the habitual heavy position and habitual light position are not desirable, at least not in the direction of the most optimal position position adjustment brought about by the position change is a prerequisite for moving towards stable profitability the future is unknowable, and therefore combined with the known k-line trend, the proportion of the position is only an expectation for the future after some online communication with some people, I found that many traders in the discovery of the wrong position direction In the same way, at the time of profit, when the trend has turned or has reached the set stop-loss level, often close all the current positions This is obviously unreasonable, the reason is very simple: a one-time position change must not be a suboptimal solution to position adjustment (optimal is not reachable) since a one-time position Adjustment can not fit the future difficult to figure out the clear trend of the exchange rate, then can position changes have the value of calm thinking here just to explain some of the principles of the view in the consideration of stop-loss exchange rate trend, because the exchange rate may hit the stop loss subsequently reverse run, then you can close a part of the position, the proportion can choose the appropriate value, but must be large enough to reflect a certain future expectations of the exchange rate to continue to reverse Position and the line, will gradually usher in the last stop loss or based on the expectation of moving down the position price of the exchange rate from the stop loss level back to stable, you can continue to part of the position out of the remaining parts of the appropriate move down the stop loss, while the direction of change in the exchange rate towards profit, the position can be reduced or even profit out of the consideration of stop-win analysis of the exchange rate trend in turn, no longer chelated position changes must reflect the trader for the future trend Expectations, and expectations of the current is always an event probability of occurrence position adjustment can largely alleviate personal experience or technical analysis of the arbitrary degree of future trends, the ultimate effect is that the change in position and the change in the exchange rate resonance because in addition to the margin ratio and trend quotes, position change itself is also a flexible leverage
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