How to cleverly use the kd indicator

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KD indicator forexbrokerrebateprogram an oscillator, it does not reflect the cashback forex forex broker rebate program, can only reflect the market short-term oscillation many people use this indicator when the market wide oscillation, and in the market to form a trend to abandon this indicator KD indicator advantage is responsive, so can be in the market wide oscillation performance, and the disadvantage is not reflect the trend, easy to blunt, so in the trend of The disadvantage is that it does not reflect the trend, easy to blunt, so in the trend often fails, so miss the big market advantages not to mention how forexrebatebest can avoid its shortcomings, so that in the trend of the market can also use kd indicator profit is the most critical, after all, the short-term oscillating market is not so easy to grasp, and only the trend to bring us considerable profits We all know that the most common method of kd indicator is a low gold fork to do more, high dead fork to do short first see The following two pictures: If the market as shown in these two pictures, low gold fork to do more and high dead fork to do short will make us lose money this is the biggest shortage of KD indicators, the trend comes to failure if we wishful thinking according to kd indicators counter-trend single, before making money we are likely to have burst How to profit in the above situation based on kd indicators? The above two situations are obvious trend of the market, obviously we have to Judgment of the trend to profit from the trend if we judge the trend up, we are determined not to do short, only until the kd indicators run to oversold areas to do more, and vice versa How to judge the trend? The trend formed after the continuation of the time is longer, we only look far to see the long to judge the trend, so we have to look at the longer period of the K-line autorebateforex when judging the trend If we base our orders on the hourly line, according to the 4-hour line to judge the trend, if based on the 4-hour line, according to the daily line to judge the trend Typical trend indicators are macd indicators and moving averages, for example, we look at the following chart: This is the euro U.S. dollar daily chart in a section, the chart between the two vertical red line macd indicator in a golden cross state, while the direction of the 10-day moving average remains up, so the general trend is up We put this section of the daily chart in the market to restore the 4-hour chart: In this chart we only do more than short, because just in the daily chart has judged the direction of entry point is when the kd indicator runs to oversold areas as shown in the gray The oval shows that we have two entry opportunities, corresponding to the above K chart, both times are excellent to do more than the daily chart of the general trend down when the opposite, the 4-hour chart only do not do more than short, when the kd indicator running to overbought area when the next short single Similarly, the 5-minute chart corresponds to the 30-minute chart, the 15-minute chart corresponds to the hourly chart, the hourly chart corresponds to the 4-hour chart we can develop several sets of methods to do the plate, according to each person Different styles choose different cycles
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