How investors face economic data

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cashback forex follow forexrebatebestg two stories if you read autorebateforex can understand, you can be considered to have a bachelors degree in economics two smart economics young people went for a walk together one day after dinner on the road as usual for a problem and argued in the difficult to d forex broker rebate programtinguish when suddenly found a pile of dog shit on the grass in front of A said to B: "If you eat it down, I will pay you 50 million. B used his genius brain to economics actuarial calculations and decided to eat A lost 50 million, B ate not easy after a short time and found another pile of dog shit forexbrokerrebateprogram time B said: "You eat it, I will also pay you 50 million" is also a genius A at this time with a different method The actuarial result is also "eat!" This time B also lost 50 million minutes later they both bawled: half day we did not get anything, but ate two piles of dog shit for nothing their economics professor after knowing this excitedly said: "100 million ah! One hundred million! My dear high-flyers, thank you for contributing 100 million to the countrys GDP (gross domestic product) by eating just two piles of dog shit!" The architect, the physician and the economist are arguing about what is the earliest profession in the world. The architect says that God used seven days to make everything in heaven and earth, so the architect is the earliest profession in the world; the physician says that Eve was turned from Adams rib, which is an act of surgery, so the physician is the earliest profession in the world; the economist says that the earth was chaotic at the beginning of the world, so who made it chaotic? The economic data published by the government or an institution, sometimes there will be watering or shrinkage of the situation before the first story in this kind of similar short buying and selling behavior, only to increase the number and no substantial creation is called watering the same as the GDP, you cut the grass in the yard with Sunday is an act of production labor, but the GDP does not count this, so there is the suspicion of shrinkage of any reported economic figures and the actual truth is sometimes very large error second story The second story tells us that the prescriptions given by economists to the corresponding economy based on data theory can sometimes really confuse the earth. Slow half a beat and a little too fast, anti-injury economy we do not intend to blame Ge Lao, the economy as a policy based on data, and data is the past in the digital response to the old information to determine the future, the wrong is the sky and not people investors in and out of the stock market and foreign exchange markets do not need to, do not have to and can not rely on economic data to engage in the economic data out every day only estimate and look at the listen to it, to some of the more important to pay more attention to the reference is The most important of all data is the GDP, which is the sum of all production and services in the country this number is reported quarterly, last years fourth quarter growth of 3.8%, last years annual growth of 4.4% although it is reported quarterly, but the government each quarter on the previous quarters GDP is reported three times, for example, on the fourth quarter of last years growth, the end of January this year reported the first report, the end of February reported 3.8% called the preliminary report, March 30 reported only The second thing to note is that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Producer Price Index (PPI) usually these two indices are reported once a month for two consecutive days, PPI in front, CPI after the two days traders are very nervous, the number is higher than expected, apparently the harm of inflation, the Federal Reserve will be more aggressive in raising interest rates, the stock market, the bond market may fall when the two indices reported at the same time will report its core (Core) index. Core) index which does not include the more volatile food and energy prices rise or fall in the unemployment rate is also important data, and it is paired with the same day at the same time published is the number of non-agricultural employment (nonfarmpayrolls) we know at the beginning of the economic expansion, like this one or two years, the unemployment rate is gradually low, the increase in employment is good, but to the end of the expansion of too low unemployment rate and employment The strong increase in employment will make the stock market collapse due to inflation and economic overheating concerns and then look at two things will be enough first is the Chicago Purchasing Managers Index PMI this indicator to 50 as the midpoint, more than the economic expansion, low is a contraction index today at 62.7 second is the ConsumerConfidence this index to more than 100 is good, today at 104 investors priority is to determine The economy is in expansion or recession, and on this premise to watch for inflation, and at the same time to grasp the direction of interest rates, so that the above-mentioned data is sufficient to enable investors to achieve this purpose to understand the simple general economic principles is necessary
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