How can I improve my technical analysis skills in forex trading

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Thank you fo forexbrokerrebateprogram th autorebateforex question if down to discuss, I first say a personal advice: go to read a few forexrebatebest (in order of priority), "The Self-Disciplined Trader" - "A Dream of a Decade" - "Biography" - "Memoirs of a Great Stock Trader If you think its too much trouble to read "The Self-Disciplined Trader" forex broker rebate program "The Book of Biography" (all the above books can be searched and downloaded from the home of Forex ea ( Why? First of all, these books have a common denominator: awareness to cashback forex and fill their own cognitive system, the method naturally has just as the saying goes: there is a way without art, art can still seek, there is no way, stop at art - Laozi "Tao Te Ching" these books if you read, I believe there will be for you to ask this question of three-dimensional understanding to take you These questions to read these books and say why you want to understand yourself first, and then understand the price of operation ever heard a story? How do you understand the story of a couple and a donkey? Ride or not ride a donkey, how to ride a donkey is a N variety of methods; and those who gossip you can understand is the market, the gold owner of your account, your often changing mindset and other N variety of unknown circumstances so the method itself are not any problem, learn what, how to learn, just like how to ride a donkey reading books, review are methods, practical, summary, record, reflection, these are also methods, all to have! To see the changes in all aspects of your money graph from the record; through review to reflect to provide more assumptions and envisage improvement programs; practical to apply to test these programs; read the book to consolidate and correct your ideas (review from multiple perspectives); through communication, sharing, writing to deepen the impression ...... these are all necessary methods to improve your own abilities in the method but! Back to the topic! You must understand which is inside your philosophy and system (the Tao) you need! (This article is from: forex academy) rather than just simply to improve the ability to learn the method, the end result is that the couple in the cartoon outside world as soon as there is a change, you do not have the backbone to change! If you do not have that clear purpose (how to ride a donkey, who loves to say what to say what, I do my own should do the technology, my technical system inside the need to have the conditions ......) above those books nothing to see it after reading and then look at the "wave theory", "futures market technical analysis" and other books that simply teach technology, by comparison, I I believe there will naturally be a three-dimensional answer again, there is no shortcut in the trading market, do not expect to improve in the "gods" of experience sharing, if it is so simple, who still lose money ah! So, first seek the inner (Tao), naturally there will be outside (art), just as you have eyes and brain, but also must have the concept of beauty, before you can judge the suit pants with slippers is not good, otherwise, you are the couple who have a donkey will ride a donkey, but do not know whether to ride and this, is how you should improve your own technical analysis of the market ability to honestly understand themselves first, clear their needs and The purpose of the establishment of the concept, technical analysis naturally have, or simply learn a couple of moves on the line know yourself and your enemy in order to fight a hundred battles
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