Give up the misconception of investment trading based on the judgment of ups and downs

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see too many friends, tirelessly put their energy aut forexrebatebestebateforex time on the study and analys forex broker rebate program of the market ups and downs, trying to find a technique or method to get progress in the ability to predict the market ups and downs, want to get an ans forexbrokerrebateprogramr about the future ups and downs through their own analysis before they place orders, and then make money by buying and selling according to the answer This model is almost misleading All traders who have lost money or made a lot of money in the market for a long time, abandoning the investment trading model based on judging the ups and downs is the basis for success. Theoretically, if we can grasp all the factors that affect the price ups and downs (including, among others, how much money is going to buy or exchange dollars or sell around the world today; how many multinational companies or individuals need to exchange some kind of foreign currency; how much investment However, no matter who we are, Soros or Warren Buffett, it is impossible to master all the "factors". This is why we are slowly discovering that the trading experts we admire generally pay little attention to the details of the daily economic data releases, most of them only use a K-line chart to walk the world Then why are there many financial "experts" in various media who are tired of analyzing the market every day? The reason is that that is the work of the "experts", "experts" need to work to earn money to eat actually have no interest in investment transactions, it is not necessarily ~ ~ a friend had such an analogy "put ants on the table I just need to know the direction of the head is most likely to become the direction of the ants first step then we have to solve the technical problem is: find an ant just thrown on the table has not moved, in its head into the field, in its first step after the exit" simply put, this is the most simple principle of doing trading investment in a sense In a sense, there are only two kinds of price quotes, either up and down, or cashback forex, and there is no overly complicated situation; after the single result is also only two, either earn or accompany, there are no other accidents will happen investment trading key is to seize the consolidation or unilateral, but the actual operation must have trade-offs, the reason we know is the consolidation market, because we see consolidation, the reason we know is unilateral, because We see a single side, which means that when we know it is a single side, the vast majority of cases single side has passed, consolidation is also the same thing we can do only "capture", capture consolidation or single-sided quotes only more clearly, should be seen after the consolidation to capture the consolidation after the single-sided quotes, see a single side to capture the future of the consolidation of two The market can not be both 100% can predict the market is a fools errand, some friends allegedly can be the vast majority of predictions on the market is also meaningless, know which prediction is right or which is wrong? Can not, can not be the consequence of each transaction is not possible to rationalize trading positions and exit, because there is no way to know which transaction right which will be wrong to look at the chart to speak who will, look at the chart, consolidation when the low buy high sell, breakthrough to catch, do not be too greedy, etc., etc., these are intentionally misleading, misleading others also mislead themselves real technology is available in a period of time, such as a month of trading, the Calculate the win-loss points loss of 200 points in the case of the account as profitable in the study of technology before, first figure out the principle is really important to give up early to judge the rise and fall of the basis of investment trading model is the basis for success Author: Wu with
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