Get a head start! The story behind these currency nicknames is actually this

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When we read cashback forexeign exchange-related news or articles, we always come across some puzzl forexbrokerrebateprogramg autorebateforex or currency pair aliases, a variety of currency aliases make us confused For example, the U.S. dollar U.S. Dollar has four pronunciations, people feel more trouble forexrebatebest like to call it Greenback. The following forex broker rebate program a list of the corresponding aliases for the major currencies and currency pairs, and if you can understand their origins, it will be easier for you to remember these aliases. Indians used to exchange deer skins for dollar currency, so Buck is also used as an alias for the dollar Pound: Sterling Pound is often called Sterling, or more simply Pound because in British history, one pound was as heavy as one pound of standard sterling silver (Sterlingsilver) Quid is used to refer to the currency when it means 100 This is an informal way of saying that 15quid in the mouth of foreign exchange traders means 15 million pounds sterling / dollar: CableCable refers to the pound and dollar currency pairs in 1858 between the United Kingdom and the United States in the Atlantic Ocean laid cable, used to transmit the telegraph information between the two countries to this day, these cables are still transmitting information between the two countries currency transactions, so the two countries are also known as the currency pair Cable EUR/USD: Fiber EUR/USD is the most traded group of currency pairs in the global foreign exchange market, usually called with Fiber Fiber is actually originated from the Cable Euro relative to the British pound was created younger, and Fiber originally means fiber optic, is a new form of Cable therefore, Fiber is used to refer to the newer, more modern currency pairs, namely the EUR/ USD USD/JPY: Yen, Ninja The alias for the USD/JPY currency pair is Yen or Ninja Since Yen is the official name for the Japanese yen, it is also the most recognized alias for the yen However, some people also prefer to use Ninja, which is willing to be a ninja, and everyone knows that the ninja is unique to Japan Canadian Dollar: Loonie Canadas national bird is called the submarine bird ( Loon), the image of the diving bird is minted on the Canadian dollar coin, therefore, the Canadian dollar is also called LoonieNew Zealand dollar: KiwiNew Zealand dollar is called KiwiKiwi originally refers to the national bird of New Zealand, the kiwi (also known as the kiwi bird) Interestingly, New Zealanders are also often called kiwiSwissy, USD/CHF: SwissySwissy can refer to both the Swiss franc and the No one knows where this alias comes from, but it is conceivable that it is a derivative of the Swiss currency, since most currencies end in an e, such as Loonie, Aussie. Also, the USD/CHF pair is sometimes denoted by Chief because the currency code for the Swiss franc in the ISO 4217 standard is CHF Swissy in Latin is ConfoederatioHelvetica, the CH in the CHF code is derived from this Latin abbreviation AUD, AUD/USD: Aussie, Ozzie and Swissy are similar, Aussie refers to both the Australian dollar and the AUD/USD currency pair, while Ozzie is an alias for EUR/USD because of the difference in pronunciation between British English and American English. Yen: Euppy, YuppyEuppy is actually a combination of the abbreviations of these two currency codes, Eu from the EUR of the euro, py from the JPY of the yen, so use Euppy to refer to this group of currency pairs However, despite writing Euppy, there are people who call it Yuppy when pronouncing it GBP/JPY: Geppy, Guppy, Gopher know After the origin of Euppy above, Geppy and Guppy of GBP/JPY is well understood but the origin of Gopher is not so clear USD/RUB, EUR/RUB: Barnie, Betty Russian ruble is called Rubble and the Rubbles family happens to be the main characters in the classic animation "Modern Primitives" of the last century, therefore, these two groups of ruble This is also one of the most interesting aliases in all currency pairs.
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