Free to share my foreign exchange short term trading system

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full-time foreign exchange trading count has been a year, forex broker rebate program believe that with many forexbrokerrebateprogram so long foreign exchange friends, experienced to try a variety of indicators forexrebatebest methods, the account has experienced a surge and cleaning many times maybe it is luck, the recent two or three months capital curve stabilized (basic weekly profit of about 10%), suddenly feel the mindset towards the smooth, profit and loss cashback forex no longer bring huge mood ups and downs, I do autorebateforex know if I can make big money in the future, but I am sure I will not blow up again for the experts, I think my state today is not much at all, but I look back on the road I came, or feel very emotional, so I decided to announce my trading system today, welcome to discuss, I just want to say it, I do not intend to ask for help to improve (because I know the system can only be improved by themselves) (future accumulation and realization) preface: 1-2% of the principle of money management, strict stop loss, large cycle with the trend, these basic things will not expand, these are not yet done, if you use the system who are useless, burst positions do not come to blame me for the system is not good; 2 - my short term system in the use of the process to try to avoid important resistance support levels, large trend boundaries, while avoiding the release of major data as far as possible, do not ask I why, I do not know, just do not like, because I am not familiar with; body: just one sentence: short term (5, 15 minutes) significant direction of the reverse arc top homeopathic entry single, the former high / low point position example one: Europe and the United States 15-minute line, January 12-13, 2017, such as the red arrow, a wave of apparently rising after the retracement of the arc bottom, at the bottom (around 12 noon) to intervene to do more, the target front high off the short term trading system" href=" "title="forum(1).png" alt="forum(1).png" rel=" box "class="fancybox"/>Example two: the early morning after the Fed rate hike the U.S. and Japan dip (such as the red arrow), retracing the finishing appear top arc, can be at the top into the short single, the goal of the former low off (interested friends can verify) Supplementary notes: 1 - retracement in the previous trend range 1/2-1/4 appropriate; 2 - I mainly observe Europe and the United States, Australia and the United States, the United States and Japan, weekly trading Opportunity about 10 times, other currency pairs are not so clear; 3-entry timing can refer to the smaller level of k-line patterns, to determine whether the retracement has been in place, I have a very small stop loss, within 10 points; 4-leaving the other option is to reach the target (generally about 30 points) to close half of the position, the other half of the flat security, the stop gain is enlarged twice, to about 60 points, specific reference to higher levels of support resistance; 5 - no 100% win rate of the system, the system win rate of about 50%, but the profit and loss ratio will be more than 2:1; 6 - and all systems, not every moment will appear, no time, wait for it to finish adding that Europe and the United States, Australia and the United States, the United States and Japan opportunities often appear simultaneously, operation I will observe the relative strength, pick the strongest to do more, or pick the weakest to do short about the averaging parameters set: averages I set up an EMA60, but basically do not use the feeling of arc not too far from the average on the line, too far away from the feeling of a little floating, difficult to grasp, the feeling is, so the same situation, I will choose the opportunity to get close to the average, but there are no strict rules
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