Forex trading should learn to go with the flow

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For the ever fluctuating cashback forex, go with the flow forexrebatebest a very good autorebateforex ideas, trading in the market direction is difficult to identify, but as long as you find the direction of the market, follow the direction, quit anxiety forex broker rebate program greed will be able to get a good return, many small gains accumulated is a good rate of return Forex market forexbrokerrebateprograms have relative stability and predictability although different Although different investors take different approaches to profit because of different trading styles, capital size and risk tolerance, but no matter what, one principle is common, that is, insist on objective trading, rather than predictive trading predictive traders believe that trading opportunities and profits are predicted objective traders believe that trading opportunities and profits are looking and waiting out of course, only the latter can do "In addition to adhering to the principle of objective trading, we should also make individualized choices in order to "go with the flow", because "waves "We need to fully understand our own situation, to selectively "go with the flow" market uncertainty always exists, although the loss is inevitable, but can be Control so we do not do not do not self-respect trading, do not be overwhelmed by the desire to make a profit supply and demand trends have a certain degree of stability, not because of the temporary disorderly price fluctuations and disorderly flip through the history of the chart, any wave of the trend has a certain magnitude and a fairly long duration of experience shows that the use of averages and trend lines to chase the trend better in the trend, as long as the price does not touch the In a trend, as long as the price does not touch an important average or trend line, you can hold your position and wait, without caring too much about small fluctuations, while in large shocks, the K-line pattern is a good tool for judging the technical parameters, everyone can take into account their own trading habits, while novices are best to refer to the experienced parameters of veterans When a trend ends and a new trend has not yet formed, that is, when the "go with the flow "At this time there is no trend to speak of, and volatility is often in a state of chaos and disorder, when market views are chaotic, supply and demand are in a vacuum, and the characteristics of capital pricing are fully revealed. In a way, the essence of trading is to manage risk, rather than obsessing over gaining profits Follow the trend is arguably the easiest way to trade, the key point is to be able to correctly determine the direction of the foreign exchange market trend, in the analysis of the market can be through fundamental and technical analysis means to The market pattern and trend may change the position, the development of the corresponding trading plan  
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