Forex trading not a few bowls of chicken soup for the soul can be profitable!

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Some people recite the Analects of Confucius every day, say autorebateforexg that they should memorize the Analects of Confucius forexbrokerrebateprogram become Confucius you will certainly say ridiculous but, in trading, you may be doing such ridiculous things every day trading Whats in the Analects of Confucius? May include these: strictly adhere to the trading system, process, d forexrebatebestcipline, patiently waiting for certainty of opportunity, decisive, follow the trend, position control, cut off losses, let profits run, a single must set a stop loss, prohibit bottoming and touching the top, prohibit frequent trading, control emotions, safety first, only do the leading, in others greed when fear, in others fear when greed, and so on to these posted on the computer, written in the hand, hate to carve in the heart, dissolved into Blood before the opening back, after the closing back; get up back, back before bed; walking back, back in the car not comply? Corporal punishment slapped, punished kneeling, punished not to eat, chopping hands not to mention deaf ears, chopped fingers, is to kill yourself, if there is a soul, your soul still will not trade, or a inattentive heavy frequent trading Why so miserable? It is because you want to become Livermore by memorizing the trading "Analects" In fact, trading has been reminding you through losses, it does not work, and memorizing the "Analects" into Confucius is as ridiculous as just, you memorize too hard, too committed, did not hear just cashback forex forex broker rebate program system, 90% is nonsense Why memorize the "Analects" into Confucius, back trading "Analects" into Livermore? Because "Analects" is just chicken soup, advanced chicken soup, no one can drink chicken soup by just drinking chicken soup, drinking out of success Why cant you drink chicken soup to drink success? Chicken soup only tells you the direction and goal, and did not tell you how to go, no certainty, no operability back chicken soup, just dreaming the best dream, but also a dream of yellow sorghum originally, chicken soup is mainly water, drink in, a bubble of urine will be pulled off, leaving very little trouble is that you think the more you drink chicken soup, the stronger, the more energy, acting more bravado the truth is, drink more, pull more hurt, and even more disorder The more you try to do, the more you hit the wall, so, the chicken soup to carry more, not only unhelpful, but also harmful, will take the dream as reality, think they get chicken soup to enhance, increase the energy, try to do, dream broken a ground market, look around, the mouth plate countless, said the head, do a muddle because, what they say, are dreams look at their trading system, the whole is a chicken soup system, dreaming system, everywhere The whole system is a chicken soup system, dreaming system, everywhere is a loophole, step by step there is a trap, reach out a fish, nothing, all water, trading a poke, immediately from the dream back to the original why there are 90% of people lose money, because their chicken soup system, 90% is nonsense the same, the market trading books, articles, 90% is also nonsense two match to do certainty, is to develop, operating rules to do trading is to do certainty, a stable and effective trading system, both to know the direction and target, but also to know Know the direction and goal, but also to know how to walk step by step, how to identify the direction, how to set the goal, how to take the first step, how to go next, how to cross the pit, how to turn, how to climb the mountain, how the water flows, each stage, each link, each step, there are clear and specific operating rules, in addition to the moderate and necessary flexibility, no ambiguity, no left can be right, there is no choice, only the only Chicken soup without certainty, the rules to have back chicken soup is to dream, the production and operation rules to go jianghu forex academy tips: the rest of the article need to log in to continue reading Oh! Login now
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