Forex simulation in which to do

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to carry out the real position before the transaction requires investors to first inject money, but forex forex broker rebate program cashback forex autorebateforex not required to charge, do not need real money can operate this simulation trading advice new traders can do a period of time first single, to facilitate your familiarity with the MT4 software forexrebatebest trading skills forex simulation in which to do it? The following is an introduction to the speculative foreign exchange demo trading Many investments have a demo trading, that is, to open a demo trading forexbrokerrebateprogram, after the successful opening of the platform will give virtual trading gold to investors to do a single, the gift of virtual funds ranging from $ 50,000 to $ 500,000, each platform to give the amount of different, there is no fixed limit regardless of the profit and loss of a single, the investor does not need to bear the loss of virtual funds, the profit The role of demo trading Most of those who use demo trading are novice foreign exchange speculators because of the newcomers to the market when the single software and rules have many unfamiliar places, it is usually recommended to use demo trading to familiarize themselves with the market and software, and then inject funds for real trading, the most direct benefit of this is to avoid many unnecessary losses in the market, but also to improve the trading skills of investors, the Foreign exchange trading market has a preliminary understanding And for veteran traders, there are many will use the simulation trading, there are several cases: one is to learn a new trading style or skills, the establishment of a new trading system investors, want to feel in the simulation trading experiment; the second is like frequent access to the market, always can not control the hands of investors, will go to the simulation trading frequent access to the market belongs to not Good trading habits, should trade in degrees, establish their own perfect and effective trading plan, and strict implementation Open a demo trading account Open a demo trading account and open a real trading account process is similar, but open a real trading account after the successful need to inject funds to activate the account, demo trading is not, because the virtual funds used in demo trading Details of the forex demo trading account opening process 1, click on the platform registration page 2, the Select the nationality / region, fill in the cell phone number, read the use of the agreement and click the "Next" button 3, fill in the basic information to confirm that the information is correct, click "Get cell phone verification code" 4, select the type of account 5, open an account successfully, and keep in mind the account and Security code
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