Forex Fun Talk The Connection Between Astrology and Forex Trading

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Do you all know what sign you are? Have you ever thought that maybe your horoscope can also quietly cashback forexfluence the way you trade? Today lets talk about the association between horoscopes forex broker rebate program forex trading! (Forex Academy Aries Aries autorebateforex forexbrokerrebateprogram a child, blunt, passionate, impulsive, but also very self-centered and childish and often say do it, the market for him is like the water and grass prairie as full of infinite opportunities like the blazing sun like passionate sheep, sometimes But very impulsive, easily influenced by emotions and lose their minds, such as a set of strict trading discipline and comply, forexrebatebest become a short term genius Taurus Taurus is a very conservative sign, like stability, do not love change a veritable realist, with perseverance, suitable for the need to engage in tenacity and pay long-term hard work thoughts and emotions change more slowly so in the speculation of foreign exchange, this The matter will show a certain calm and sensible, will not venture into the market, but will maintain the observation of the industry and learning, until there is enough confidence can enter the operation and then shot If you want to get a reliable set of risk management strategy, request Taurus it! Gemini Gemini people love change, is a wide range of interests and willing to undertake the dissemination, popularization of information mission, especially after hearing that speculation in foreign exchange can be a million dollars, may be full of joy to enter the operation, but once the setback, the enthusiasm will be greatly reduced in addition, Gemini wavering personality, is to do the big taboo trading However, its transmutation of nature can often be in the vagaries of the market quickly find a response. Strategy, and like Transformers to make timely adjustments Leo Leo personality outgoing, cheerful, warm and soft, cheerful and lively summer gives Leo people bold and courageous, and naturally like to win the strong love of face, they naturally will not leave the foreign exchange so a good investment channel and they will continue to study, hope that in this industry continue to do well, to make certain achievements, the best to their own Cultivate into a half expert Cancer Cancer sincere and delicate, loyal and kind, tough and persistent, with indomitable willpower; but very emotional, sensitive and suspicious, insecure, so difficult to please the foreign exchange, this kind of thing will seem cautious, because they attach great importance to the family, so will be very concerned about the risk of investment, they like to trade in line with the general trend and not for the small waves of small shock, often a single can Take a long time, grasp the general trend after gaining a wave of profits Virgo most of the Virgo are very modest, but also therefore cause a lot of pressure on themselves Virgo people do not like idle, often happy to serve the pursuit of perfection Virgo people, anything must do their best to do the best, and the enthusiasm for investment is high, advocate wealth to bring freedom and a good life super intuition on the market trend has a person first The prediction, and the pursuit of perfection of the character of the various aspects of the transaction control is very precise, the God of Warren Buffett is the sign Libra Libra is a symbol of the coming of autumn, autumn is expressed in the Libra people is the special smell of the intention of the pursuit of harmony Libra on foreign exchange investment will maintain a cautious restrained attitude, and even if the intention of the transaction, but will also show indecision, wandering wavering But the good thing is that strong communication is their strong point, so they will like to consult others for advice, and then make a judgment before action, on everything requires balance and soft-hearted Libra, vulnerable to the interference of external factors and wavering, resulting in loss of error Scorpio Scorpio on different and incompatible things have a special interest, but also like to explore the nature of things and to distinguish Scorpios have always done things Clean, never delay and they are energetic, clear goals, once determined to enter, will certainly be decisive implementation, but will not stop until the purpose of the scorpion, sometimes a little anxious if you can be a little more patient, it can be no disadvantage Pisces neurotic, forgetful, sentimental, imaginative, self-deception, etc. are the image of Pisces words, Pisces should be the twelve signs of the zodiac will not manage money, the worst financial intelligence At the same time, they are somewhat similar to Libra, not good at financial management, and always hesitant to do things, therefore, involving foreign exchange transactions such as seemingly profound things, they often like to ask around the peoples opinions, and then make a decision, but as long as the belief is firm, after experiencing the refinement can also be like a fish in water Sagittarius Sagittarius people are like the arrow on the string, they The initiative is optimistic, honest, enthusiastic, like to challenge Sagittarius is the adventurer in the zodiac signs, like to gamble, so sometimes the trader of Sagittarius will take foreign exchange transactions as a gambling game weak willpower is the natural weakness of Sagittarius, if addicted to gambling, will lose the objective judgment of the market, the consequences are unthinkable Aquarius Aquarius people are very smart, their biggest characteristic is innovation, the pursuit of unique The life, individualism is very colorful sign of the brain, quick reaction, Aquarius has an intuitive excellent insight and foresight, coupled with a high level of wisdom, often the first to grasp the pulse of the market, to occupy the winning opportunity love to play small smart bottle is also a speculator, encounter a very large market, may be overnight riches, may also be a mistake to hate Capricorn Capricorn is the twelve signs of the zodiac the most Capricorn is the most patient, the most careful, but also the most kind-hearted zodiac sign they do things on the ground, but also more stubborn, will not let go of the purpose of the steady Capricorn treatment of investment is never safe first, will not be easy to start but at the same time they are also the most business acumen and wealth brains group, far-sighted, able to capture some of the latest information in the field of investment and the future direction of foreign exchange transactions may have begun to actively Learn to make plans, but in the market encounter unpredictable, easily affected by pessimism and missed opportunities
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