Forex EA use introduction

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I. File placement instructions¤Indicator mq4, ex4 autorebateforexs copied to the indicators directory of the subdirectory of indicators¤EA auto forex broker rebate program mq4, ex4 files copied to the experts directory¤tpl file for the template file, copied to the templates directory¤DLL file is a library file, copy to the experts directory under the libraries subdirectory¤SET file is a settings file, copy to the experts directory under the presets subdirectory¤pdf, txt, doc file is a description document, can be directly Open and read Second, the use of EA as an extension of foreign exchange trading, the use of forexrebatebest trading forexbrokerrebateprograms (EA) instead of manual trading seems to have become a new trend, so how to use the EA intelligent trading system in MT4?1, first of all, of course, you have to have an EA, and must be ex4 as the extension, if it is only mq4 file, please use the If you only have the mq4 file, please open it with MetaTraders own editor MetaEditor, and compile the mq4 file without errors, in order to get an ex4 file with the same name under the folder where the mq4 is stored. For example: D:MetaTraderexperts, close and reopen MetaTrader43, right click on the EA you want to use under the Intelligent Trading System below the navigation, here is an example of a 10 point profit system, click Attach to Chart, for example: 4. Trading, then your intelligent system will not automatically trade 5, in terms of automatic transactions, MT there is a total switch, is the options below the Tools menu:  6, there is a place where you must choose to start: the last of the above cashback forex into this is already started the intelligent trading system 7, after completing all the above settings, look at the upper right corner of your chart will certainly appear your intelligent Trading system file name and a smiley face if the intelligent trading system file name and smiley face appears on the current chart has enabled the intelligent trading system at this point, you can silently wait for your intelligent trading system to work for you 8, if you want to stop your intelligent trading system, the best way is to click on this chart above the intelligent trading icon but in this way, all your charts All of the smart trading above will stop the smiley face in the upper right corner of all the charts have turned into a fork: If you just stop the EA above the current chart, you should press the F7 key and the following window will pop up:   Click to remove the hook in front of Allow Real Time Auto Trading and then OK, this will make the EA above the current chart stop the crying face will appear above the chart: And if To completely eliminate the EA above the current chart, first right-click on the chart area, there will be: click on the intelligent trading system, then click Eliminate, the EA will be deleted from the current chart, the upper right corner of the chart will be nothing
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