Foreign exchange trading training methods

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good sense of the plate is a necessary condition for autorebateforexvestment in foreign exchange, plate sense needs training, through training, most people will progress how to train plate sense, can be carried out from the following aspects: a, adhere to the daily review, forex broker rebate program according to their own selection of foreign exchange method to select the target forexbrokerrebateprogram forexrebatebest review the focus in the browsing of all currency pairs trend, the side work is to find the target shares in the review process selected currency pairs, both in line with the The currency pairs selected during the review process, both in line with their own forex selection method, and with the current cashback forex hotspots have commonality, there are plates, industry linkage, the probability of a strong market after the review you will find the trend of the general market from the convergence of the currency pairs, from the convergence of the currency pairs to find the plate Two, the currency pairs in front of the days rise and fall once again carefully browse, to find out the reasons for the currency pairs strong (weak), find what you think buy (sell) signal pairs The currency pairs that meet the buying conditions can be entered into your alternative foreign exchange pool and be tracked. Third, the main thing to do in the real market is to track the real-time trend of your target stock, clearly understand the specific meaning of its opening, closing, highest and lowest, as well as the actual situation of the main forces pulling up, selling, protecting the market, and understand whether the volume and price relationship is normal. Five, train yourself to quickly browse the dynamic market situation every day Six, the core is to have a set of suitable for their own operating methods, especially suitable for their own methods and from the above training Repeat is the use of static and then look at the whole picture of the market, which for your dynamic daytime stare at the plate too late to observe, too late to summarize and so on, after the close of business or timing you once again to go through the various links The markets pressure is mainly from where, where the markets momentum comes from, they are not industry, plate connection, what are the reasons for these situations? Those currency pairs are in the rise of the golden period, those about to form a perfect breakthrough, the market today is the main reason for the rise and fall, and so on situation, need you to compound the market again, more understanding of the changes in the market The general steps to review the market is: 1, look at the two markets up and down list: (1) against the general market trend, and the general market to compare the strength and weakness, to understand the degree of participation of the main force, including its attack, protection, suppression, not involved in the The situation may, understand the currency pair volume price relationship is normal, the main force pulling or suppressing when the action, authenticity and purpose intention to understand the general investor participation and enthusiasm (2) understand the current day k line in the daily k line chart position, meaning then look at the weekly k line and monthly k line, in time, space to understand the main force participation degree, intention and state (3) the currency pair to see the first 2 versions of the rise and fall after 2 versions of the Especially careful understanding of those currency pairs in quietly strong, those currency pairs is already a strong crossbow, those currency pairs in the cost-free flight, those currency pairs are breaking out to start, those currency pairs are strong in the middle, that is, a bit like the census, to understand the state of each part, so that the overall situation of the market basically understand the general (4) in the process of understanding the currency pairs, those in the lower part of the (4) In the process of understanding the currency pairs, pick out those currency pairs that are in the lower part of the attack state, carefully observe the daily K-line, weekly K-line, monthly K-line experienced by the time and space, location and other good conditions, eliminate the serious control of the banker stocks and the main intervention is not deep and lobbyist blocked currency pairs, the remaining and then look at the fundamentals, the latest research report is best to pull out to see, in line with their own self-selected foreign exchange Look at the currency pairs that rose in the first two editions, see between them there Those currency pairs have plate, industry and other links, to understand the funds flowing into those industries and plates, to see the decline in the two plates, to see those currency pairs in the outflow of funds, whether they have plate and industry links, to understand the main shorting of the plate need to explain the appropriate to see a few plates mainly depends on the size of the days market, much to see a few plates, poor to see before and after the two plates can be 2, look at their own choice of foreign exchange (including the day selected into) : observe is not in accordance with their own expectations in walking, test their own selection of foreign exchange method, there are those mistakes, why wrong, find out why, improve to see those currency pairs have appeared to buy point (buy point set by themselves, according to what criteria is also your own set) of the currency pairs, you have to make an investment plan, including how the situation how to buy, buy how much, how much price, stop-loss level settings, etc. 3, look at the general market trend.  Mainly analyze the situation of the closing yin and yang, the volume situation, compared with yesterdays situation, the entire volume and price relationship is normal, in the daily K-line position, meaning, look at the overall trend of the entire daily K-line, determine whether you can participate in the currency pair, can appear in the medium-term band, the current market in which level of the trend of that stage Look at the days market fluctuations, when in the pull-up, when in the suppression, pull-up is If the market is not influenced by large-cap stocks, find out the sectors that affect the market. Understand the meaning of the high and low points of the market, understand the resistance and support levels of the market, understand where the market has suction and Understand the currency pairs that are suppressed before the market is suppressed, and those that are stopped and started at the end of the market is suppressed. The comprehensive ranking list, where all elements of the market are shown, those pairs that are active, those pairs that are fleeing the strongest, those pairs that are pulling the end of the market hook, those that are suppressing the end of the market to create the illusion of panic, those pairs that are light as a swallow, those that are stumbling, this is the demon mirror of the main force. After the basic elements and review skilled requirements, your plate feeling is certainly different after repeated training, you can speed up, look through the currency pair also unnecessary to see all, look at the rise and fall before and after a few versions, weighted stocks, self-selected foreign exchange, etc. can be review is hard, but only after the bitter to come
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