Foreign exchange trading how to stop chasing up and down

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chas forexbrokerrebateprogramg up forex broker rebate program down autorebateforex the general investment habits of speculative foreign exchange investors see prices rise, you cant help but follow the trend to buy; and down, you think you made a mistake in judgment, losses also have to throw in a unilateral cashback forex, chasing up and down can be profitable, but the need to accurately judge the general trend if the last stick in the process of rising, or the moment before the bottom reversal to throw, Or in an oscillating trend, chasing the rise and fall may make investors lose a lot of money since September 5, 2007, the EUR / USD appeared continuous rise in the market, the daily closing price are higher than the opening price, and a step-shaped non-stop rise in such a good momentum, usually always steady forexrebatebest also began to restrain the temperament September 10, when the exchange rate rose above the 1.3800 price level After that, my chasing sentiment can not help but high, so it will be in 1.3808 the higher price of the day to buy a lot of EUR / USD, ready for medium-term investment in the exchange rate since I bought continued to rise, but the magnitude is not large, and then maintain a high level of oscillation, the day closed near my entry price although then also a little worried in my heart, but I think since I want to hold in the medium term, take the long line to catch big fish strategy. It is also reasonable that it is difficult to make a profit at a time, so I relaxed and waited for the results are not what I expected, after the opening of the market on September 11, the exchange rate began to continue to rise, not long after the highest price of 1.3812 on September 10 This time, a friend of the speculative foreign exchange expert just came to me on the phone, so it is natural to talk about what currency pairs I recently bought and sold, what kind of operation was taken In talking about the current deal, I proudly told him that the market people say to try to avoid chasing the operation, so as not to lose more than they gain, but I think this method is still quite good, yesterday I just chased up the EUR / USD, so far it seems to be good. ’ and change, it is not without reason, because most of these people have lost in this actually this is not to say that this method of operation is not feasible at all, everything has a degree, too much is less than as long as you can well grasp the timing of chasing and killing, profit is not a problem chasing and killing is more suitable for unilateral market, in a round of bull market start early chasing, bear market start early Kill, once you encounter the shock market, it is easy to be ‘left a slap, right a slap’ back and forth jerk, and eventually become a victim of the shock market that I can this operation? I cant wait to ask although you operate with a bit of a sense of misstep, but it is still very much in line with the bull market to start the initial chase up the law of fundamentals, the euro still maintains a good pattern, while the dollar is due to the impact of the subprime crisis, the economic outlook is not bullish, so I think the euro / dollar after the early adjustment will have a long-term up market, you can say that you chase up at this time is just right but I want to remind you that you can not be so blindly chasing after the foreign exchange trading market as we predicted before, the euro / dollar began to soar although the exchange rate in September 13, September 14 there was a small downward adjustment, but still in my entry price above September 20, the euro / dollar rose through the 1.4000 price level, and continue to show upward momentum September 28, the exchange rate reached 1.4276 high, nearly 500 pips higher than my buy price but since then, the market does not look so stable, October 1, the closing price is significantly lower than the opening price of the day; October 2, the exchange rate fell again Seeing such a situation, I immediately closed my position on the EUR/USD, when the exchange rate was 1.4165, I ended up with a profit of 360 pips would have liked to exit and then find But my friend stopped me from doing so, he thought the market would not reverse as I thought, after a short period of adjustment the EUR/USD would still rise. A simple summary analysis of the reasons for the success of this foreign exchange trading, although mainly in the help of friends and affirmation, but I also know: chasing up and killing down is not a raw taboo for investors, as long as the correct judgment of the general trend and the situation on the plate, not blindly see the good on the chase up, hear the negative on the kill, there will be no chase up in the mountain top, kill down in the bottom of the situation as long as the chase up and kill down properly, and ultimately can get a lot of profits
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