Foreign exchange trading for each participant is an eight-year war of resistance!

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trad autorebateforexg after the leisure of the position, I will read some forexbrokerrebateprogram cashback forex books, the book someone coincidentally forexrebatebest compared to war global participation in foreign exchange trading more than ten million people, forex broker rebate program in the foreign exchange market eventually make money less than 10% of the people, most of them halfway, return in defeat also have repeatedly lost the battle, the battle to the last soldier, lost all the savings, and even borrowed, hate to leave the foreign exchange market surplus laughing at the gold pavement full of life road, the loss of people crying to the frost covered with rotten grass house to my eight years of trading experience. The losers cry to the frost shrouded rotten grass house to my eight years of trading experience, I feel that foreign exchange trading is a war without smoke, no less than the eight-year war of resistance foreign exchange trading and war against Japan is equally cruel, either you die or I die! I think back then, the Japanese invasion of China when the war just began, the difference between the enemy and our forces, Chiang Kai-shek faced with internal and external problems, fully aware of this unfavorable situation, came up with a strategy of concentrating superior forces and the Japanese duel, in order to block the Japanese army south, has been a duel in Shandong, a duel in Shanghai, a duel in Nanjing, the results ended in a crushing defeat, (the Battle of Shanghai, the Battle of Songhu was the largest and most fierce battle of the war against Japan) (The Battle of Shanghai was the largest and most fiercely fought battle of the war against Japan, lasting a total of 3 months, the Japanese army invested 9 divisions and 2 brigades of more than 300,000 people, announced more than 40,000 dead and wounded; the Chinese army invested 75 divisions and 9 brigades of more than 750,000 people, their own statistics of 300,000 dead and wounded) the Nationalist air force was almost wiped out, and finally retreated to Chongqing, the regime was in danger, the sound of the death of the country throughout China Chairman Mao Zedong timely wrote "on the protracted war", changed the strategy, stabilized the hearts of the people. The final victory as retail investors in the foreign exchange market, our opponents are financial institutions, banks, professional traders, we do not have a little advantage, we have small capital, little experience, little knowledge, low level of manipulation, such as fighting with them hard, strong fight, the only way to die quickly first entered the foreign exchange market if you put in a large amount of money (that is, more than a third of your entire savings), and repeatedly heavy positions (principal: position > 10000: 1), but also Not stop loss or set a stop loss is too large (stop loss > 5% of the principal), like Chiang Kai-shek in the year with inferior strength and the superior strength of the Japanese invasion duel, a crushing defeat is inevitable, the position is inevitable into the foreign exchange market, we must be prepared to fight a protracted war psychological preparation, can not be delusional overnight riches delusional overnight riches of people, inevitably overnight to poverty delusional short time quick victory of the national army inevitably short time crushing defeat, this is the lesson of history. Remittance people should always keep in mind, wake up to how to stay in the currency market longer, earn more, earn more stable? The first stage, as pointed out in "On the Protracted War", is the period of the enemys strategic offensive, my strategic defense The second stage, is the period of the enemys strategic conservative, my preparation for the counter-attack The third stage, is my strategic counter-attack, the period of the enemys strategic retreat Anti-Japanese warfare in the form of combat, mainly campaign warfare, followed by guerrilla warfare extended to foreign exchange transactions, can also be divided into three stages, the first stage, the learning stage The second stage, the optimization stage, the third stage, the continuous stage of the first stage, the learning stage, to learn the basics of trading, to learn through simulation trading capital management, risk control, fundamental technical analysis, manipulation skills and then select a platform for live operation, invest small capital second stage, the optimization stage, screening out important fundamental factors, select a simple trading system, cultivate a calm Trading mentality appropriate to increase the capital, incremental positions, timely withdrawal, increase the variety of transactions, flexible use of the trading cycle Phase III, the sustained phase, all aspects of the foreign exchange market are well understood, uphold the stable and profitable trading stereotypes, ten years as a day in the foreign exchange market transactions, as operating a century-old enterprise, and constantly bigger and stronger, sustained, benign, stable profits, the foreign exchange trading as a lifelong business to do
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