Foreign exchange trading dry goods - to friends who have not yet stable profits

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subjectively special efforts, special want to do well but after spending a lot of energy, time, money, but still muddled, can forexrebatebest be stable profitability of the basic performance of only two kinds: the direction of the single can not take, earn a little to run the direction of the opposite of the single clutch does not let go, dead carry, autorebateforex finally can not carry, cut the meat generally said it, these two problems are concomitant, to have Both, it forex broker rebate program very unfortunate quite a long time can not be profitable, naturally, you still have problems not solved if this time, after you have various regrets, but also insist that the fundamental reason is that they do not know enough about the market, not enough learning, self-restraint is not enough, and even feel that some of their character deficiencies, hindering their own plans to earn money, must change - if you have reached this point, completely and their own fight cashback forex congratulate you, you basically cant see your own stable profit day in this life I write the purpose of this post: correction is simply that, combined with their own feelings over the years to do a single and a collection of friends who have successfully reached the goal of stable profit experience to try to correct a long time, in the domestic foreign exchange industry long circulated but misguided some of the so-called classical saying is not to feel a big mouth, a little big Do not face it, all right, you are reading while spraying, or read a piece of spray, I do not care I do not want to rely on this to earn fame to find funds to pull customers, is not used to seeing some obviously open-minded post rampant and virtuous people rational discussion, and virtuous people spray each other, I like to say a lot, very fragmented If you open the post separately, can write a long time I am ready to focus on a post to finish, because usually busy, and virtuous people spray each other, I like to say a lot, very fragmented If you open the post separately, can write a long time I am ready to focus on a post to finish. I will try my best to write it in the shortest possible time, and finish it in several times to ensure that it does not suck We also do not engage in those replies visible through the treasure to buy fake tricks, is completely open to share to see a part of the friends, but also want to look down, you suffer to leave a footprint, I remember, and then write to inform you in order to facilitate a comprehensive understanding and reading convenience, I first listed an outline it: (a) the core of stable forexbrokerrebateprogram: to eliminate The key words: simple, comfortable, chaotic market nature, dualistic spatial structure, the search for the Holy Grail of absurdity, the only way out is to unite knowledge and action (b) the construction of a stable trading system key words: the combination of points, lines and surfaces, the use of razor theory (1) the interpretation of currency characteristics (2) the rhythm of currency movements to grasp (3) the search for key time points (4) razor The practical application of the theory: A. Time chart of the refinement and simplification, to avoid the phenomenon of the map seam B. Indicators of the refinement and simplification, the application of the main chart indicators C. Trading techniques used in conjunction with the combination of long and short term, stop-loss lock single combination (C) stable trading in a number of considerations (1) the choice of currency pairs (2) the choice of trading time (3) good health is the basis of stable trading (4) the choice of platform providers and access to funds The way to choose (5) after the failure of the transaction, how to adjust emotions (d) to build self-confidence: no matter what road, you make money steadily, said is the truth, is the master I want to emphasize that I am a wild origin, no systematic investment training, relying entirely on their own practice and exchange with many friends to come up with some experience theoretical certainly not, but compared to those who read from a book, closed door things The best way to improve is, of course, to communicate directly with the industry experts and experts can certainly get twice as much done with half the effort, but in some cases, it is also the pressure I once knew a buddy from the south, doing the valet trading, absolute master, 15 years on the control of more than five million knives this guy is a master of single, but the mouth is very bad, I guess it is lonely for too long, the nerves are a bit problematic he often said a famous saying is: foreign exchange what is difficult to do, a dog well trained, can make money I still remember, when we first chatted, I asked him, how to do the Stability he asked me: you see the trend of the big I said of course to see (nonsense, then I have done four or five years, if even the big trend can not see, how stupid ah) and then he went on to say:: then do according to the trend, not on the line --- Oh, fortunately, the master is not all this virtue, otherwise it is really impossible to communicate But you can say he is not right? The reason why I used so much space above actually want to explain a truth: the road to simplicity to understand the nature of the market, to establish the trading concept, to build a trading system, and so on, are applicable first, why simple? The nature of this market is chaotic, unpredictable, the direct result of random is that how you do may be right, may not be right no matter how hard you read, how many books, how many notes, how much time spent watching the market, how much money lost above the accumulation of these quantities is no longer large, but also can not complete the qualitative change to stable profits because from the very beginning, your direction may be wrong - when we first entered the industry The black swan is not to say that a profit-taking retraction you can understand? Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch are unable to understand things, if you understand, it is the ghost of it Second, how simple? The martial arts world has two sentences: the worlds martial arts only fast and a force to drop ten will two sentences derived from what we do now, in fact, is roughly the same thing: to establish your own situation in line with the thinking concept, excluding all the fine details, to the most suitable for your trading system to grab profits There is a famous saying, we may have heard: trading can improve personality personally think that this sentence is quite fucked up specific issues we do not argue, you Just think about it, if it really works, then how not to let the countrys prison inmates are learning to do foreign exchange it Jianshan easy to change nature is difficult to move, rather than bothering to change their own, it is better to directly seek a set of theory and practice system for their own: acute to do short term, do interval chronic to do trend, do long term so the following, I follow the principle of simple trading, sort out the ideas: (1) the nature of the foreign exchange market is what? ----- part of the market you make money, another part you lose money (2) what are the basic components of the market? Range oscillations and range breakouts (3) How can you make money from this market? Do yourself understand the market conditions, avoid unknown market conditions today first write here, the next update, I focus on, simple and efficient trading system how to establish it These are my familys words, inevitably not right I want to say is that the industrys most realistic, theory said wonderful, go to earn money, thats bullshit not I do at the end of 07, to now almost ten years, now my degree, that is, I can see far more stable Profitable threshold only, compared to those who are experts is too much too much reason why I dare to take out and share with you, that is to think, at least in terms of ideas, I am still walking on the right path to avoid the greed of big greedy mistakes, to my main, to establish a simple and efficient profit system, is for us these wild operators, the most practical and most likely to be profitable means of stable trading of the second: tailor-made trading system, simple and Efficient before talking about the trading system, there is a point must be re-emphasized: the establishment of the trading concept, is the top priority, is the premise of all work trading concept is the basis for the establishment of the trading system, the trading system is for the trading concept services, this primary and secondary relationship can not be confused, otherwise it will take many detours for example: you think you have a stable personality, suitable for doing trends, then the trading system to be established, it should be a tendency For example, if you think you have a stable personality and are suitable for trend trading, the trading system you want to establish should be one that tends to be a trend trading system, or if you think that you have a jumpy personality and are more suitable for short term trading, it is better to establish a range trading system. If you want to make a trading system, you have to follow the recipe and put aside the taste, as long as the recipe is okay, at least it is edible. The holy grail of a flash of light may make you enlightened for a while, but it does not create a stable and efficient operating system. Willingly or unwillingly, this process must have usually sweat more war less blood, operating system to build a stable, then in practice, you can save a lot of energy time and money below on the construction of a stable system, talk about my experience views: about trading theory is good to write, after all, the most amazing thing about this market is that the complexity and multifaceted nature of trading, decided you can use a variety of ways to explain The same problem, but also can always say part of those you can not understand the novelty of the point of view, you can not completely refute, it can only be unclear, but when it comes to the specific details of the transaction, it can not be fooled, after all, this is the need to test in practice, the system to make fancy, but not earn money, it is also a waste of time (a) the razor principle in the system construction of the important role of the razor principle full name is Ockhams Razor Law (Occam'sRazor, Ockham'sRazor) also known as Ockhams Razor, it is by the 14th century logician, St. Francis of Assisi friar William of Ockham (WilliamofOccam, about 1285 to 1349) proposed this principle is called if not necessary, do not increase the entity, that is, simple and effective Principle as he said in the book of Proverbs, 2 volume 15 questions do not waste more things to do, with less things, the same thing can be done --- the above content from Baidu by the way, the monk in the European medieval religious history is very famous, according to his deeds adapted a religious thriller film, called the name of the Rose, starring Hollywood veteran Sean Connery, a good shot, interested in If you are interested, you can take a look at the basic principles of the system construction, the system is not to look good, but to use the practical issues of a: the type of trading system (1) active trading system: generally friends who are new to the industry prefer the basic characteristics are: subjective belief that the market movement is regular, their own efforts to understand and grasp the market changes to a certain extent, and To a certain extent, you can predict the future (2) passive trading system: and the former, in contrast, the market is defined as disorderly, unpredictable the basic characteristics of this system, is that the rules of money management accounted for a large proportion, in general, all types of fully automated EA belong to this system (3) the combination of active trading and passive trading: the above two have advantages and disadvantages of each, there are examples of success, but also have their own bottlenecks Specific issues here will not expand the final compromise is the integration of the two systems, as for the proportion of technical analysis and money management each, it depends on the specific circumstances of the individual Question 2: the basic composition of the trading system: I will share my current system with you, it is considered a brick to draw in the jade my trading system includes points, lines, surface three parts I think this is a combination of a qualified trading system necessary (1) point: a variety of key nodes --- entry points, exit points, key retracement points, etc. Many friends are pursuing point accuracy, I think, rather than the pursuit of price point accuracy, rather than trying to time point accuracy, half the effort (2) line: two kinds of both a multi-short demarcation line, can be average-type, can also be the axis of the class, no matter what, the key is to have, the biggest role a look at the plate When the baseline, then that is, you can carefully experience the specific details of the trend change, the role of a great In addition, is to have to plan the interval of the channel line, which is the trend screening with (3) surface: actually said, you own trading views of the quantification I mainly do the pound intraday, the pound we all know, speculative currency, the trend looked very demonic, a variety of false breakthroughs I have done nine consecutive years of historical icon analysis, the conclusion is I have done nine consecutive years of historical icon analysis, and came to the conclusion that: more than three quarters of the time the pound is doing range movement based on this, then I assume: the probability of the pound is range trading, and the effective breakthrough is a small probability and my system is a range trading system Conversely, if you do the euro, do not think, that is a trend trading system (4) point line surface can be planned from the time space and price space of the two aspects of the transaction, for the training of traders to do single The rhythm and sense of the plate, it is good to talk about it first, the above is about, next I will focus on the details of the treatment: the conversion of the time chart, the choice of indicators, the choice of trading time, the training of the sense of the plate, the fast market and the slow market different treatment, etc. Again, this part, completely a family of words, the details of the conflict is normal, mainly to see the big framework of the so-called insiders see the doorway, I mentioned above These, is a mouthpiece, or indeed a bit of value, you look after their own judgment welcome to comment, mutual discussion, common progress!
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