Foreign exchange risk prevention of external management techniques

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  In addition to cashback forexternal management techniques, enterprises have many external hedging tools available, such as forexbrokerrebateprogram autorebateforex forex broker rebate program contracts, foreign exchange forexrebatebest trading, etc. Carrying out foreign exchange transactions is a practical, direct and scientific method   Prevent trading risks through forward foreign exchange transactions in forward foreign exchange transactions When the enterprise and the bank signed a contract, the contract provides for the buyer to sell the name of the currency, the amount, the forward exchange rate, delivery date, etc. from the signing of the contract to the delivery of this period of time the exchange rate remains unchanged, can prevent the risk of future changes in the exchange rate forward foreign exchange trading is a variant of the forward contract with date options, which allows enterprises to execute foreign exchange transactions on any day within a pre-defined time frame Of course, forward Foreign exchange trading itself is risky, whether enterprises can avoid losses and gain benefits, the key lies in the exchange rate forecast is correct at the same time, forward foreign exchange transactions to avoid the risk of unfavorable changes in the exchange rate at the same time, but also lost the opportunity to profit from favorable changes in the exchange rate   to foreign exchange options trading to prevent trading risks so-called foreign exchange options, is the foreign exchange options trading parties According to the agreed exchange rate, on whether to buy a currency in the future, or whether to sell a currency option, a contract signed in advance foreign exchange options contract to the option buyer is the right, but no obligation, the option is divided into call options and put options for hedgers, foreign exchange options have three other hedging methods can not be compared to the advantages of one, the foreign exchange risk is limited to the option premium; second, to retain The opportunity to profit; third, to enhance the flexibility of risk management
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