Foreign exchange reserves management principles

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Governments manage forex broker rebate program operate forexbrokerrebateprogram autorebateforex reserves, generally follow the three pr forexrebatebestciples of security, liquidity and profitability Security Speculation how to make money experts free guidance bank gold and silver TD opening guide bank gold and silver simulated trading software set gold number desktop line price tool is that foreign exchange reserves should be stored in politically stable, economically strong cashback forex and banks with high credibility, and always pay attention to These countries and banks political and operational trends; to choose a small risk, currency value is relatively stable currency, and pay close attention to the balance of payments and economic conditions of these currency-issuing countries, predict the trend of the exchange rate, timely adjustment of the currency structure, to reduce the exchange rate and interest rate risk; but also to invest in safer credit instruments, such as highly reputable national bonds, or institutional bonds guaranteed by the state, etc. Liquidity is to ensure that Foreign exchange reserves can be cashed and used for payment at any time, and to achieve the lowest cost to achieve the exchange countries in the arrangement of foreign exchange assets, should be based on the countrys forecast of foreign exchange revenue and expenditure within a certain period of time, and consider dealing with unexpected events, reasonable arrangements for the maturity of the investment portfolio cash and treasury bills are more liquid, followed by medium-term treasury bills, long-term bonds Profitability is to ensure the safety and liquidity of the premise, through the market trend However, safety, liquidity and profitability are not possible to have high risk in order to have high return, and the assets with high profitability must have poor safety, while the assets with high safety and liquidity must have low profitability. Focus on liquidity, to intervene in the foreign exchange market at any time or for external payments, small countries and resource-poor countries more value-added and wealth accumulation in general, should be as far as possible to take into account the three principles, the use of portfolio strategies, not all the eggs in a basket, the implementation of foreign exchange reserves diversification, reduce risk, to achieve value-added
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