Foreign exchange operations break the blind spot of technical indicators

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S autorebateforexce the indicators to study the market, in-depth underst forexrebatebesting of the character forex broker rebate programtics of the indicators is absolutely necessary for the use of technical indicators, such as a single follow its original use of the law, to live will encounter bottlenecks, which is the so-called blind spot of technical indicators  to give the simplest example, KD stochastic indicators, once the K value touched or stood on the so-called super-rising level of more than 80% and not The application of technical indicators will find their own steps down, said this stage is the technical indicators into the so-called "obtuse", that is, the indicator distortion, but in fact, in the multi-party pattern, KD indicators once the K value on the so-called super-rising order, and not back down, should be a strong multi-party rolling short market, on behalf of a sharp and violent into a period of But this application concept is generally not commonly understood in the community  The basic functions of the indicator are roughly the following six:  1. Identify the way is in the multi-party pattern, whenever the indicator from the top down to 50% and get support (refers to fall below 50% of the high when the root or the next K bar low is not broken), while the empty quotes from the indicator from the bottom and up to 50% and under pressure, which is the indicator of the function of multi-air field  2. slightly slow, so the actual price may be in the very moment to make some response, and in the very short term to restore the original direction; in the indicator because of its delayed characteristics to react, often the indicator will produce more gentle characteristics and reduce a lot of false signals  3. indicator positive, negative divergence of the application: indicator positive, negative divergence, that is, the indicator of the positive N and the concept of inverted N, the formation of indicators over the former high is called indicator positive back In contrast, the indicator appears inverted N is the indicator negative back in the use of indicators positive, negative divergence before, it is necessary to study the direction of the short and long, in the multi-party pattern to see inverted N negative back for the stop, it is pulled back to take the excellent opportunity to undertake the low, and the relative indicators appear positive N positive back signal, too high not stop rising, is a sharp rise in the multiple strong rolling empty market, which is bold to catch up to grab more signals  Relatively, in the short-side trend, there is the so-called positive N The positive back signal, is a rebound stopping the pressure signal, while the inverted N negative back, support does not hold strong chasing the ultra-weak signal, is not to chase the signal of the short  4. four more, the breakdown of the empty order: the indicator in addition to 50% for the more and more empty points, but also the swing of the order is divided into 50 to 80% for the normal multi-directional order, and 80 to 100% is the super-strong order of the multiple, multiple patterns wandering in 50% is still normal, but once on the super-strong order and not pull back, is a strong multi-party attack (strong rolling empty) situation, this market will roll the empty to surrender until  relative in the short-side pattern, the indicator between 50 and 20% is still the normal empty order, and once the indicator fell below 20% of the oversold area and no longer on the broken 20% when the K-bar high, is the emergence of low-grade chase market 5. The correct use of gold, death cross signals: in the application of gold or death cross as a trading signal before the first research and judgment is in the more or less important, is the most important, with more, empty direction, the application of gold or death cross can be based on the above-mentioned item 3 of the positive, negative back way, that is, in the multi-party market when the death cross If the signal is generated after the K-bar does not break the two low prices but closed on it, this is a low confirmation of the multi-party entry point, so that the multi-party market is not necessarily an empty point, on the contrary, may be excellent for more points, while in the multi-party pattern of the golden cross, take the day or the next day high, such as its high price once closed on, this is a strong multi-party entry point & nbsp; in the empty pattern of the golden cross will generally encounter pressure, when the death cross signal appears, can be taken when the root or the next K stick of the lowest price as an observation point, once broken, the emergence of a sharp kill continued empty chance   6. Technical indicators on the point must be taken with the K-bar pattern of the point corresponds to the same point boldly believe that the indicator tangents break or fall, because they will be earlier than the K-bar pattern signal, which will help you than the use of other indicators trading earlier card position
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