Foreign exchange master dry goods share bare K trading method

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forexrebate cashback forexstto the foreign exchange market, some seniors, veterans will teach you to look at the fundamentals, to look at the technical side, to focus on the cultivation of the mind, so most people imbibe, slowly immersed in the study of various technical indicators, following the veteran, l forexbrokerrebateprogramten to its boastful talk; strolling forum, the sea of books tireless, cold forex broker rebate program summer although a variety of technical indicators have been well versed in the chest, but Still not stable profit, easy money, each single is after a complex study and judgment before operation, or to avoid the failure of a series of impatience, can only blame themselves on the technical indicators of research is not thorough enough, continue to explore the hidden, all kinds of technical indicators have studied all over, never questioned the validity of indicators, and never thought of abandoning the indicators, but always can not fully understand, break out of the cocoon, long years deep in it can not be extricated suddenly, one day a certain A foreign exchange market geek told you that he does not look at the fundamentals, but also do not use technical indicators, only look at the bare autorebateforex-chart can be stable profits, heard the suspicion, thought he was nonsense, and then by the fact that the geek shocked, he really is a long-term stable profits, how? Some people began to reflect, some said it was good luck, some said that all roads lead to Rome, do not want to abandon the indicators and then risk trying Naked K because, after he deleted all the indicators on the chart, the face of the Naked K chart, feeling at a loss, and quickly added the indicators to the bottom of the heart, and struggling in the mud ...... trading The essence of a buy and sell, are based on price, price is recorded as a K-line chart, or bar chart, or line chart, or time chart, or a variety of technical indicators, all change, in the end or price technical indicators to analyze the probability of history repeating, bare K charts can also show the probability of history repeating, just different entry points, different perspectives have indicators of the chart, like the world planned by humans; no The chart without indicators, like the natural mountains and rivers mountain people to the city will be lost, although the city has crosswalks, there are road signs city people to the mountains will also be lost, although the people who are used to using technical indicators with a map, just like people who are used to living in the city with the Naked K, just like people who live in the mountains only from the health of life, there is no doubt that the people in the mountains to live longer than the city people health, because they are closer to the origin of life perhaps It can also be said that people who use the bare K will be able to stay in the currency market longer than those who use technical indicators, earn more stable, because they are closer to the essence of the market words returned to the title, people on the edge of the cliff, people in the abyss, will inspire a strong desire to live, but also to stimulate the highest wisdom of people who dare to face the desperate situation, will be able to overcome all people abandon all indicators, only look at the bare K, will push themselves to the edge of the cliff, will throw themselves into the abyss The traders are superhumanly wise, do you believe in your own wisdom? Naked K can see many mountains, there are cliffs, there are abysses, you can every time you can turn a danger into a bargain? Naked K, in fact, look at it is not bewildering, look long enough to see the clues, see the pattern of fluctuations, find a way to cope with it like looking at the Dragon chess game, how to look at the normal thinking, how to look at it can not be solved but with the perverse thinking, it will be simple to break - solve a few problems such as thinking out the answer, you can be comfortable on the Naked K Operation: First, why the level of resistance support level sometimes works, sometimes not, when effective, when not? Second, why do channels sometimes work well and sometimes not? Third, when is the trend established, when to reverse, why an important news will not reverse the trend, even the non-farm payrolls can not? Fourth, veterans often say not to touch the top guess the bottom, why someone only look at the bare K every single hanging, but will be more on the floor, empty in the ceiling? How many times have you done right with such a single? Five is, why the pullback swept your trailing stop loss and then continue the trend and go? How to set a stop loss and trailing stop loss is reasonable? Sixth, why do many people die in adding positions to the code, but some people sail with the wind, all the way to add positions to the code, earn the full trend, earn a lot of money? Seven is, why the large charts earn more to earn a stable, small charts earn less to earn the risk? With these questions to look at the naked K chart, first not in a hurry to operate, see the doorway, see the end, will be confident to place a single, confidently waiting to harvest the expected profit, seems to break - the code of the foreign exchange market and will smile no longer complain about the market always and their right, no longer underestimate their own intelligence, no longer follow the ass of others after Blindly do a single, no longer will earn less lose more, really step into the long-term stable profitability of the straight road ...... naked K analysis method, there are several premises: one is limited to a chart, naked K analysis should be based on the H1 chart above, so that the results of the analysis of the position of the single has a longer holding time, at least an hour or more, to avoid the Ultra-short term or scalping reckless trend, fatigue usually look at H4, daily, weekly better M30, M15, M5 charts are not recommended to analyze with the naked K Second is to limit a variety, different varieties of K, the change is not quite the same, gold volatility, Australia and the United States fluctuations are small, both only a K to analyze, the results vary greatly Third is to limit the span of the chart, H1 chart minimum span should be more than 10 days, H4 span in more than 30 days, the daily chart span in more than 3 months ...... If the span is small, wide fluctuations in the days and narrow fluctuations in the days will give rise to erroneous judgments four is simply a K who can not see more accurate, I look at the K posture, to combine several or a dozen to see, I say the K posture is different from the Japanese Candlestick chart book said the pattern, I am mainly concerned about the potential of K, secondary to the shape of K. Lets say, even if the W formed, it can not be identified as a decline to rise, even if the breakthrough of the neckline of the W, it can not be identified as a certain rise, the K trend is sustained, which is the key five is the market is ever-changing, fickle, technical analysis is the analysis of probability, no one can say 100% on the analysis is not an operation, operation When, following the market is the main thrust of the long K and short K, more yang and less yin, more yang and less yin, half yang and half yin, how to follow, improvise, differentiate between the bare K analysis examples sent two European and American H4 charts, specifically to talk about how the bare K analysis of the practical application of different varieties, based on the different laws of H4 operation quotes can be broadly divided into downward, upward, consolidation, such as subdivision, will be divided into more than ten kinds of quotes with H4 charts can be ignored Some subtle classification of the market, only to say that these three is sufficient to look at the H4 bare K chart, suitable for long term, daytime medium-term, intra-day short term, all three, suitable for most people to do H4 homeopathic swing, can achieve a high win rate, high profit and loss ratio high win rate: the number of single reduction, a day only four times to see the disk can be, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, 22:00, a day up to a single, less than a single a week, a single. The increase in positions does not count when doing a single is a very clear signal to do, reduce the error rate, targeted, reduce the frequency of doing a single, thus improving the win rate high profit/loss ratio: do H4 swing, capture a clear homeopathic entry time, usually to hold a position for more than a day, a few days, or even a few weeks, the initial stop loss of 70 points or less, and then floating, constantly moving the stop loss, profit at least 100 points, more than 200 Points, or even 500 points, the average profit-loss ratio will be more than 2:1, usually 3:1, or even higher so operation, in the long run, will gradually step into the long-term stable profitability of the straight path of the bare K trend analysis, and look at the following two charts: Europe and the United States plate the following three charts, are based on Europe and the United States H4 bare K chart, just a different span but I hope to give you some insight:.
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