Jay Lakhani Review - The Way to Trade Forex by Jay Lakhani

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Jay Lakhani is a professional trader who has been in the market since his early 20s. His expertise lies in trading Forex, stock futures, index futures, and commodities. After introducing himself to the stock market as a young man through Lady Thatcher s Privatisation program in the 80s, Jay has never looked back. He has endured several market crashes and has honed his skills by developing his own trading strategies.

One of Jay s teaching methods is LIVE TRADING, where he actually trades with real money during his webinars and workshops. He believes that you must trade live to demonstrate confidence. Most "gurus" teach using historical data and indicators that repaint, and students are unlikely to make much progress this way. Besides, a live trader is less likely to make a mistake than a student who simply watches a video.

Jay Lakhani s Way to Trade Forex provides a simple yet effective trading strategy. His system uses simple yet highly effective techniques and strategies to help investors make informed decisions and trade like a pro. The first chapter in the book, titled The Way to Trade Forex , outlines a few of these methods, including analyzing the charts to make profitable trades. However, if you are new to forex trading, this guide will prove invaluable in your search for profitable strategies.

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