Foreign exchange margin trading three taboos

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, avoid forcing the cashback forex of many investors in th autorebateforex years forex broker rebate program to earn less forexrebatebest lose more, I am forexbrokerrebateprogram exaggerating a few stockholders around me, as far as general experience, the more you lose the more you want to earn back, the more you lose the more you want to earn back the big, so regardless of the market trend change or not, keen on individual stocks and forced intervention, the results are still more than the loss of income at this time, investors must calmly think about the situation, in this case Why must there be a forced operation? Medium-term investors in the stock market operation of the iron law is to operate with the trend, is already down, weak, should be with the trend, wait and see, wait and see, wait for the market stabilization and then intervention Two, avoid heavy operation full into the full out is our small and medium-sized investors preferred mode of operation, this way can not be said to be bad, but can only say that only suitable for the strong market, and never for the weak market operation, this is because: first, it is difficult to This is because: first, it is difficult to maintain a stable state of mind; second, it is difficult to cover the position after the set to save themselves; third, once the new hotspots generated can not follow up in a timely manner Most importantly, when the phase hotspots generated, often with new hotspots to drive the market popularity, and at this time you are in the hands of the hedged stocks are generally speaking obsolete Three, avoid greedy operation in the previous phase of the market, some stockholders have cleared their positions, although the state of the liquidation of investors tend to Operation is easier, but also inevitably set because many short positions of stockholders like to capture some sporadic hotspots in a weak market, but in a weak market, the stock market will be subject to different degrees of constraints, not easy to operate some stockholders are also prone to the problem of greed, weak market is no exception, earn a five or six percent too much, the result of stealing a chicken is not enough, set in which the operation not only lost money, but also lost to be The market rebound or reversal when chasing new hotspot opportunities, so we should not operate in a weak market greed, the profit limit at 5% to 7% can be
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