Foreign exchange knowledge of foreign exchange transactions introductory basis

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forex broker rebate program forexrebatebest cashback forex foreign autorebateforex or foreign currency expressed in a foreign currency can be used for international settlement of the means of payment st forexbrokerrebateprogramard regulations, its proof of payment including bills, bank payment certificates, postal savings certificates and other marketable securities including government bonds, corporate bonds, stocks and other foreign exchange and dynamic and static differences static foreign exchange can be divided into a narrow sense and a broad sense of foreign exchange he to foreign currency Expressed, usually for each country generally accepted, the main use is to achieve the payment and settlement of international debt bonds basic features are also very obvious, mainly the following three points: payability (assets that must use foreign currency), accessibility (claims must be available abroad to obtain compensation) and exchangeability (foreign currency assets must be able to achieve free convertibility with other currency assets) broad sense of the transaction, refers to a In addition to the countrys currency, all other currency assets expressed in Chinas "foreign exchange regulations" is this "foreign exchange, refers to the following foreign currency means of payment and assets that can be used for international settlement: a foreign currency, including minted coins, banknotes, etc.; two foreign currency payment certificates, including bills, bank deposit certificates, postal savings certificates, etc.; three foreign currency marketable securities The foreign exchange is the process of currency circulation, including the flow of currency between countries and the exchange of national and foreign currencies, to achieve international transactions, buying and selling activities, or for the settlement of international bonds and debt relations. In view of its own nature and the appropriate scope, its full name "international exchange" is also easy to understand refers to the flow of currency between countries and the exchange of a countrys currency into another countrys currency, in order to settle international debts, debt relations between a specialized business activities it is the international exchange Foreign exchange market, the scale is quite large, can be said to be the worlds largest financial trading market, the daily turnover of funds is also the general stock exchange capital turnover is difficult to match, there are data reality, the average daily turnover of the foreign exchange market nearly 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars, equivalent to the United States of all securities market transactions and more than 30 times, Chinas securities trading market can only hope that its back The basic steps of foreign exchange trading here or to do a basic introduction, refers to the simultaneous purchase of a pair of currency combinations in a currency and sell another currency, foreign exchange is traded in the form of currency pairs, such as the European dollar / U.S. dollar (EUR/USD) or the dollar / yen (USD/JPY) in general foreign exchange transactions, companies and government departments in foreign countries to buy or sell their Products and services account for about 5% of the market share, in addition to most trading investments are investors involved in the market circulation, so the foreign exchange market is quiet to be tapped into the foreign exchange market after mastering the basics of introductory trading, then also clear is the difference between foreign exchange investment and futures investment
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