Foreign exchange investors must see the foreign exchange heavyweight data

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of course, the foreign exchange market on the most concerned about the U.S. economic forex broker rebate program, the U.S. Department of Labor in the first Friday of each month, the autorebateforex data publ forexbrokerrebateprogramhed by the Department of Labor is none other than this data can have such a great impact on the stock market forexrebatebest the currency market, mainly for the following reasons first, this data is published in a timely manner this data is the first published monthly important economic data, and this data After the cashback forex, a week that the Department of Labor announced, so the market can be informed of the latest employment situation in the United States Second, this data details the employment situation in the United States, and the published information is very useful for predicting the economic situation of the country as a whole So, when the market gets this information, you can have a rough forecast of the gross domestic product Third, this data is about, it is the average U.S. households It is obvious that when the national employment situation improves, income increases, then it will drive the various consumption links, and the U.S. economy about 70% of the growth can be said to be dominated by internal consumption, so we know the employment data, we can predict the overall consumption situation in the U.S. Another reason why the market is so concerned about this employment data, because the market analysts, economists on this data The predictions made by analysts and economists on this data are often embarrassing, and often the actual figures are very different from market expectations, so the entire market will pay attention to the actual figures in order to adjust their own forecasts of the economic situation The employment data consists of two separate surveys, one from the household survey, and the other from the business survey The household survey, as the name suggests, refers to the surveyors by telephone and mail to National employment survey is conducted by companies to report on the employment and compensation of their employees from the above two sources, the surveyors can compile employment data from 60,000 households in the United States, and the general response rate of the survey is 95 percent of a hundred all surveys will be conducted near the end of the month survey results are actually an important reference for many industries For example, the advertising industry, because the survey report includes the general employment situation and prospects of the nation, in addition to the employment situation of different age groups, and even different gender, ethnic employment can be found in the report and the data from the household survey, the compilation of the unemployment rate is another is the business survey, business survey is considered by the market is more reference value of the data survey data From 400,000 companies and government departments, including 500 different industries, covering more than 40 million people employed, accounting for nearly half of the entire non-agricultural workforce survey data from the number of new non-agricultural jobs, salary trends in different industries, employment, weekly hours, wages, overtime wages, and other specific information, so this enterprise survey report can tell us in more detail the employment It is a great reference for understanding the development of the economy as a whole.
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