Foreign exchange investment stop-loss strategy

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foreign forexrebatebest investment, stop forexbrokerrebateprogram forex broker rebate program a very important concept, a lot of speculators is because they do not have a good stop-loss strategy so will fail in foreign exchange investment in order to avoid risk, set a stop-loss is very necessary autorebateforex every foreign exchange transaction before the need for stop-loss settings, which is the most basic guarantee of successful trading about the specific stop-loss strategy will be based on the performance of each The following foreign exchange through financial investment training Xiaobian take you to understand what foreign exchange investment stop-loss strategy A, technical indicators stop-loss strategy: according to the technical indicators issued by the sell instructions, as a stop-loss signal, regardless of their cost price in what position specific methods, such as: when the currency price fell below an important average when the stop loss; when the volume released the amount of days Stop loss; MACD form a dead fork when stop loss and so on this method is suitable for short term experts to use Second, the trend research stop-loss strategy: through the policy; company fundamentals; market capitalization and other aspects of multi-angle research and analysis of the general situation it is suitable for medium and long-term steady investors to use if the overall market trend is still up, then no matter how much profit is not easy to sell if the trend has turned, regardless of whether the loss The use of this method of investors must be technically able to accurately grasp the level of the general trend, the mentality to reach the hands of the shares, the heart of the realm of no shares Third, the cost of loss stop-loss strategy: investors according to the extent of their losses, to determine the method of stop loss This method is suitable for investors who are unable to accurately study the general trend of just entering the foreign exchange market it is specifically divided into the amount of loss according to the amount of stop loss and according to the degree of loss The percentage of the stop loss of the two methods the method is more suitable for when the investors foreign exchange holdings have lost money, but the current loss is not large, and the exchange rate may continue to fall in the future, it is particularly suitable for buying at the end of the bull market and chasing high buy failed to apply Fourth, profit reduction stop-loss strategy: for investors who have made profits when the currency investment has been profitable, due to the currency price rise pattern intact or The topic is not exhausted and other reasons, investors believe that there is still upward momentum, and therefore continue to hold foreign exchange, has been waiting for the exchange rate to fall to 5% to 10% less than the maximum profit and then sell the method can be considered one of the stop-win method, its purpose is also to reduce losses, only to reduce the loss of the profit part V. Time cycle stop-loss strategy: this stop-loss method refers to when buying foreign exchange, in the investor to determine a period of time the exchange rate Always do not reach the predetermined target, wait until the end of the time period, regardless of profit or loss, the investor is determined to sell the currency held in the hands of the method it is suitable for those who have their own secret weapon or high success rate of mathematical models and can strictly enforce the discipline of investors generally use the method of investors are mostly using a long period of scientific mathematical model calculations, have a high success rate of trading systems, and can strictly require themselves The number of days to implement the discipline time period is also set in strict accordance with the requirements of the trading system, usually using 20 days Each investor should be treated differently according to the specific circumstances of the currency market and personal, flexible application of various stop-loss methods to avoid the speculative risk of the market In short, the setting of forex trading stop-loss is a very important risk reduction measures, need to be made according to the performance of different currency markets and their own situation Choose
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