Foreign exchange fundamental data of international trade balance

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For the short-term operation of the cashback forexeign exchange market, speculation autorebateforex foreign exchange with data analys forex broker rebate program is not only to better interpret the strength of the long forexrebatebest short sides of the data the actual value of good or bad does not mean that the corresponding operation can be carried out immediately but understand the meaning of these data, help with good technical analysis, good intraday short term We try to explain as much as possible in the most common and simple to let investors quickly Understand the basic meaning of foreign exchange market data International forexbrokerrebateprogram balance in the financial calendar shows the trade accounts, for example, the British October trade accounts of a countrys monthly trade accounts belong to the high level of importance of the data when the trade accounts of positive, said surplus, that is, the country exports more imports less negative value is a deficit The principle of the flow of funds is this: Suppose the worlds two countries, the eurozone countries and the United States, when the eurozone countries to imports, the EU imports need to use the exporting country is the U.S. dollar currency to pay the EU in order to get the dollar, he has to use their own euros to exchange for dollars this time for the dollar demand increases, the euro relative depreciation (the reason is also simple, the euro is your own printed paper to Europe, you want to use so much paper for our U.S. things, the United States this buddy said, no, you have to devalue the euro, or not sell to you) Otherwise not sold to you) This time the EU countries currency devaluation, in turn, is conducive to the EU countries exports (a European enterprise, on the German Volkswagen it, originally produced a car cost 10,000 euros, exported to the United States to sell 30,000 U.S. dollars according to the 2012-6-18 rate, 30,000 U.S. dollars in sales can be exchanged for about 24,100 euros VW earned 14,100 now the euro relative to the (The dollar has depreciated, the same exports sold in the United States 30,000 U.S. dollars, can be exchanged for more euros, perhaps 26,000, perhaps 28,000 such, for exporters is beneficial) This time is conducive to stimulate the EU countries exports, and gradually promote the trade deficit shrink until maintaining a balance Now we know a basic principle of the trade deficit, that is, the trade account becomes negative, the more negative, indicating that the more likely to stimulate the countrys exports. The more negative the number, the more likely it is to stimulate the devaluation of the countrys currency, i.e., a negative factor. A countrys currency has no intrinsic value, but is supported by the national economy and national credit. The above example says that the EU imports US goods, according to this theory the EURUSD currency pair should fall unilaterally but there is often a unilateral upward trend what is the reason for this? Here involves the flow of a countrys currency, this time may be because there are other events that lead to a huge amount of money flowing from the United States to the EU, thus making up for the imbalance in the trade balance For example, the European debt crisis has emerged on the acquisition of its high-quality assets, investment funds from the United States into the EU countries As a foreign exchange investor psychology to understand is: the short-term rise and fall of a foreign exchange currency pair, the actual It is a short-term supply and demand relationship plus investors expectations The investors here actually include individuals, institutions and the government because the governments monetary policy responsibility is to regulate currency circulation and maintain economic stability
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