Foreign exchange basics learning foreign exchange novice introductory books recommended

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autorebate forexrebatebestex forex broker rebate program cashback forex can not learn without the study of introductory forexbrokerrebateprogram, for newcomers, foreign exchange basics to learn which books, which books can quickly start, may not be particularly clear for these issues below we will recommend the basic foreign exchange novice introductory books for investors  1, "foreign exchange investment practical guide" Foreign exchange investment practical guide" by the foreign exchange investment editorial board, China Economic Publishing House published its main introduction to what is foreign exchange, the reason for choosing foreign exchange and other foreign exchange basics and the actual experience of trading in the foreign exchange market, for investors unfamiliar with the foreign exchange market, study this book can have a simple practical understanding of the foreign exchange market 2, "Technical Analysis A-Z" "Technical Analysis A-Z" this book in In 1995 has been published, and immediately after the publication of the majority of investors recognized the book explains in detail what is technical analysis, technical analysis plays what role, how to use it to increase earnings, in addition to the book teaches you how to read the general market, determine the trend of each indicator are listed examples of detailed explanation, can be very good to help investors quickly learn foreign exchange technical analysis 3, "from loss to profit" "from loss To profit" this book is the author for many years engaged in stocks, futures, foreign exchange practical trading stage summary, a special talk about the real money single transaction of the practical report. The author has faithfully documented the story of stocks, futures, foreign exchange, options trading over the years, as well as a variety of lessons learned and proven to be effective knowledge for investors, especially newcomers to a great help, so that newcomers can take a detour to learn the basics of foreign exchange we recommend the above three books for newcomers to foreign exchange, of course, want to learn the basics of foreign exchange, just rely on the above three books is not enough of, also need a lot of practice and analysis of thinking
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