False divergence pattern how to identify

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We all know that autorebateforex the use of technical indicators, of cashback forex encounter the phenomenon of forex broker rebate program between the forexbrokerrebateprogram of the exchange rate and the trend of indicators so-called divergence, simply put, forexrebatebest the inconsistency of the trend when the characteristics of the divergence once appeared, is a more obvious signal to take action but in practice, there are often false divergence phenomenon, false divergence, often due to the appearance of a trend has not yet ended, or even the middle. The actual operation often appears the phenomenon of false divergence, false divergence, often due to a trend has not yet ended, or even the middle of the time, to determine that this is a divergence, in this case, of course, very easy to go wrong then how can identify false divergence?   General false divergence often has the following characteristics:   A, a certain time cycle divergence, other times and not divergence, for example, the daily chart divergence, but the weekly chart monthly chart is not divergence   Second, not into the indicator high region on the divergence we say with divergence to determine the top and bottom, technical indicators in higher than 80 or lower than 20 divergence, more effective The best is after a period of obtuseness and between 20-80 is often the characteristics of a strong market adjustment rather than divergence, the market is likely to continue to rise or fall  Third, an indicator divergence and other indicators are not diverging from a variety of technical indicators in the divergence often due to the different design of its indicators, divergence time is also different, in the divergence when the KDJ is the most sensitive, RSI second, the MACD is the weakest single indicator divergence. MACD the weakest single indicator divergence guidance is not strong, if a variety of indicators are diverging, this time the price of the top and bottom of the possibility of larger   divergence since we should try to avoid appearing in the trend is still in the process of continuation to judge, then we should add to the method of divergence on the basis of the trend analysis method that is the trend line in the determination of divergence at the same time, the trend line. By adding a trend line, we can largely avoid errors in the judgment of divergence
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