Expose the insider microtransactions the money does not lose play do not want to go!

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Recently, there forexbrokerrebateprogram a class called " cashback forex forex broker rebate program" investment model began to become popular, the user only need cell phone operation forexrebatebest buy more than short selling gambling game micro trading may be an APP, may also be just a WeChat public number, not only real-time can view the price trend of foreign commodities, but also can be placed at any time, anywhere, access to funds, etc. The operation of micro trading is mostly based on silver, copper, crude oil spot electronic trading, but also some trading binary options, coin cards, original shares autorebateforex so on and the entity of the spot exchange, micro trading unit is very small, such as 1 gram of silver, 0.1 tons of oil, as low as 8 yuan can be placed, but the principle of trading and the spot exchange is the same, can be described as "small, but all the guts "The first microplate was used as a simulated plate for investors to practice, but with the surge in customer complaints, regulators and law enforcement to tighten the management of the entity trading platform, the microplates own function was taken seriously because the microplate has the advantage of extremely convenient operation, and outside the regulation, the complaint rate is low, recently, illegal spot practitioners have developed a huge number of microplates, targeting the In the era of mobile terminals, the trading model can be used as a tool for trading on cell phones. In the era of mobile terminals, the trading model can be explored, but financial innovation can not be illegal and illegal, can not be cheating for investors to participate in such transactions, will fall into the "warm water boiled frog" financial trap, and ultimately likely to lose their money sweet gentle trap Mr. Tian of Jiangsu is the first batch of investors involved in micro trading In November 2014, he kept receiving calls and WeChat messages, asking him to pay attention to a silver spot micro trading each other said, "the margin is very low, join that send cash coupons, loss I buy, earn you withdraw cash" in the softly, Mr. Tian decided to try the water first micro trading operation is very convenient, only need to have a cell phone number, from registration to The whole process of placing an order does not take more than 10 seconds investors can buy up or buy down, the amount of orders per lot from 8 yuan, 80 yuan, 200 yuan to 2000 yuan similar to the spot platform, micro trading also implements two-way trading, T + 0, margin system, stop loss, stop loss, market makers betting, etc., and further symbolized than the traditional spot, no stable leverage ratio, no tedious calculations, investors can The investor can concentrate on the price point jump to 80 yuan a lot of transactions, for example, as long as the price of silver rose 0.001 points, more single that profit of 1 yuan, short single loss of 1 yuan micro-disk access to funds is also more convenient, do not need to sign the banks three-party depository agreement, as long as the WeChat payment can be easily completed Mr. Tian to the micro-disk account topped up 2,000 yuan, from then on every day to stare at the phone, the operation has earned and lost, the most a day earned The broker will give away cash coupons, up to three cash coupons worth 80 yuan to make up for the loss "He is to give you the illusion of steady income, do good also make money, even if the loss, lose a few thousand dollars does not matter many people are of this mindset" micro plate play two weeks later, the broker and Mr. Tian The companys main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Since 2015, Mr. Tian has sued Zhejiang Xinhua Commodity Exchange and other platforms for illegal futures trading and proxy trading. On November 11 this year, the Hangzhou West Lake District Peoples Court rejected the appeal and ruled against Mr. Tian. "The agents just need to send the business license photo to the member company, and then they can get all the rights of the micro trading background, including viewing all the trading flow and profit and loss of customers, accessing brokers, setting broker commissions, etc. The profit model of micro trading is similar to the traditional The profit model of the exchange micro trading is similar to that of the traditional large market, generally speaking, 20% of the customer transaction fees go to the exchange, member companies, agents, brokers share the remaining 80% and all customer losses, which means that investors and their own introducers, shouting single teachers, member companies are betting relationships, only investors lose money they can make a profit in addition, micro trading commission ratio is high, the opening commission can reach 10% of the margin, a day even if not In addition, the highest amount of open positions may only be 2,000 yuan, far less than the spot market often tens of thousands of yuan or even millions of yuan of the scale of the order, but the accumulation of small amounts, micro trading operators can also have considerable profits only a micro trading business can bring more than 900,000 yuan of monthly income at the same time, the companys operating costs can be minimized, without the need to The company can maintain a large offline team, as long as and agents around the phone communication, WeChat exchange, live training, etc. With the popularity of live, many microplates will also be used live to marketing many microplates have their own live room, the main job of the live host is to shout single an insider told reporters, "live shout single to create an atmosphere, amateur can also shout, customers All will follow to do a single" he said, "micro trading is similar to gambling, customers are basically ten gambling nine losses but the early customers must let him make money, let him see hope you let him lose money, this customer ran to have earned a loss, and finally all lost, which is a better mode of operation" on the surface The micro market is the same price trend and overseas futures prices betting on the electronic market, foreign investors with experience seems to have a certain chance to win, but the micro market is not even a fair bet, but investors must lose money in the eyes of the operators, micro market an important source of risk is "particularly profitable customers" a company The insider revealed that if a customer is found to be very profitable, the customer will be transferred to a special member, and the special member with more financial strength and close ties to the exchange will bet directly with the customer.
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