Engaged in foreign exchange trading for 5 years talk about my trading experience!

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autorebateforex started to do foreign exchange forexrebatebest 2011, the main varieties of gold forexbrokerrebateprogram pound day, and then only do pound day, because of previous trading experience (spot plate burst tragic experience), in the beginning of the foreign exchange, first of all, set themselves a few capital management requirements: First, the margin shall not exceed 8% of the total funds second, the position must set a stop cashback forex, a stop loss shall not exceed the total funds 1%, 3 times in a row, stop trading for a day third, the maximum retracement can not exceed 20% of these three points in the subsequent years of trading, so that I avoided several big r forex broker rebate programks, although also missed a few big opportunities, but profit and loss, after all, to do transactions live the most important in the general principle of capital management, 2012 and 2013, although no losses in these two years, but also no decent profit, the account is always I think about the problem should lie in the details of the transaction, should establish their own trading system trading system in and out plus or minus basically in these two years, my own experience is that it is not important to open a position, the most important to wait before opening a position, close a position is not important, learn how to hold a position is important! In the specific trading, I only use 3 indicators: axis point, Fibonacci and stochastic indicators in the use of these indicators to form a trading system in and out plus or minus then the next is the order management order management understanding I think is my most important progress in these years trading to be honest, in the time when I first did trading, my minds imagination of traders is like this: have the freedom to do as they wish to do their own The reality is that there is no such thing as a good thing! Trading is a serious job (a serious face expression), there is no freedom in trading, in the years of doing trading I completely lost my freedom 2014, 2015, 2016 to now, the account has achieved a stable profit, the most important thing is to cooperate with the trading system order management, each opening a single, immediately for this order what should be dealt with to make analysis, until the order is stopped out or was stopped out. Until the order is stopped out or set up profit loss, and then continue to place orders, week after week, boring and tedious, every day to do is to wait for the system to signal, and then open positions, and then manage these orders now the account can ensure that the maximum retracement within 20%, the win rate of about 50%, profit and loss ratio of about 1.5 basically can be considered a stable foreign exchange trading system Finally, I briefly summarize: have Profit and loss of the same source of risk awareness, the implementation of the general principles of capital management, master the methods of order management, skilled use of two or three suitable indicators, the most important thing is to maintain patience This is my own experience of some of my own I now do not think every day there are profits, but, every day there is a stop loss, but must be a good position of the single stay, and then a relatively large profit when you close the position to do transactions should not make money every day, but a few single profit is enough to eat a year, trading should not pay attention to profits every day, but should manage losses every day 1: I use 100 times the leverage account, this is the same, for example, the starting capital is 50,000 U.S. dollars, I have up to 4,000 U.S. dollars available margin (8%), in doing the pound day, is a maximum of 3 lots of orders, which is the most, but not that each time On the next 3 hands, because if the next 3 hands, 400 points stop loss once need 1200 U.S. dollars, more than the single limit, so I will choose to reduce to 1.5 hands or 1.2 hands 2: If you open a position of 1.2 hands pound day, set 400 points stop loss (also can be interpreted as 40 points, the platform has a difference, the decimal point is two or three, mine is three), a single stop loss of 500 U.S. dollars up and down. Is what I said a single loss of no more than 1% if the order does not reach 400 points of profit, I have been set stop loss, if reached, I will set a balance level profit loss, this time, the order is equivalent to the non-existent, either sustained profit, or be hit profit loss single disappeared, only when the order is set profit loss, I will go back to wait for the opportunity to open a new single, so there is no all single are The problem of loss, there is always only one order is likely to be stopped out 3: 20% retracement is also the maximum limit, so many years have not reached, from the MT4 summary of orders in this, my maximum retracement should be about 50%, which is the problem of the MT4 statistics method, lets say, I opened a position, the results of the single was set profit loss, the single profit of 2000 points, but I did not Then I opened another position, the single stop loss, in MT4 will show my book net worth loss, but not close the single does not show, that is, my balance is increased because I only manage the loss orders, the profit of the single will generally take, will appear in the statistics, my account balance is very high, but the net value is falling, the capital curve is always in a steady decline, only to the Close a profitable single time, the capital curve will be pulled up 4: In specific transactions, in order to control risk, sometimes I will use hedging, hedging is also a form of margin management, if there has been set up a profit loss of the single, this time is occupied margin, if the same number of lots in the opening of a short single, this time, the margin is not occupied, this is the specific skills of the problem, the above-mentioned Is the big principle of the problem hope I so answer you can understand my 50,000 U.S. dollars account, I am generally 1.5 hands at a time, occupying a margin of about 2,000 U.S. dollars I am in the time of the single, used to use a multiple of 3, the reason is that most of my energy is in processing orders, such as under 1.5 hands, sometimes I will be in profit after the 0.5 hands, so as to offset part of the net value of the decline after the stop loss. Because I generally only deal with loss orders, the net value of the decline too quickly feel not very good, I will choose to close 0.5 lots to offset the cost of hedging transactions for many traders are not used to, my friends around me also have this feeling, for me, hedging is a means to manage my orders, a method, the reason is that in my understanding of trading is the probability distribution of the uncertainty of the future of the market, I face trading The uncertainty, through hedging, through the order management to allow their accounts to increase the possibility of dealing with uncertainty, through the possibility to counteract part of the risk in another way is to turn part of the uncertainty into certainty, but there can not be a complete loss of uncertainty, this paragraph is a bit argumentative, I give an example, pound day I opened a position in 130.000 1.5 lots of long single, the market rose to 132.500, this time in the face of this situation my choice is to continue to hold positions, but 132.500 is a pressure, holding positions is risky, this time, my choice is to open a short single 0.5 hands at 132.500, to do a hedge, if the market rises, I continue to profit, if down, in a relatively good pressure level of empty single, week after week, it will form a lot of Order group, so as to increase the possibility of orders, hedging is a means of managing my orders I think hedging and locking is not exactly the same, hedging is active, locking is passive in MT4 close positions inside the "with ... In my opinion, order management should also belong to the category of technical trading, need to practice, need to be skilled, need to have a system to support the specific account level need to have a distinction, I have always believed that the account below $ 2000, must be gambled, do not gamble no chance to continue. The first point I just started, with the $5000 account, gambling a few times there are losses and gains, very exciting, but always feel insecure, and then listen to my masters words, the capital increased to Later I understood that this and personality, my personality itself is relatively mild, so in the choice of trading style, the natural choice of a mild style I say what does this mean, to determine whether a method works, you have to think about the method and your own degree of matching, this no one can help you, you can only complete their own light positions to open positions, catch a thousand points about the market, basically a short period of time, including data market, close the position relying on the sense of the plate, homeopathic profits of a thousand points to close the position, counter-market profits of five or six hundred points to close the position (do the wrong 1000 points to add positions, do the right sense of the plate to close the position), and finally the existence of the possibility of a burst position I make a few suggestions: first, the existence of the possibility of a burst position method, in my opinion are not a good method, in your case is a loss to add positions, which is a big taboo, I think this not very good second, closing a position is we do trading people should pay extreme attention to, because this stage before closing the position is to hold, if the position and close the position directly determine the profit, relying on disk sense is not reliable, it is best to think of a method, suitable for your method third, small accounts want to profit, adding positions is important to chase, all profitable accounts, basically by profit after continuing to add positions to get, my own adding positions to do very badly, the So this aspect I basically have nothing to say fourth, in and out plus or minus, is no way to avoid the process of trading methods, you can think about it, how in and out plus or minus, each link extrapolated on the trading record it, the three most important data indicators, retracement, profit and loss ratio, win rate retracement of their own calculations, profit and loss ratio of less than 1, this is not good, more than 1 is the basic should do, win rate, then. How to say it, I do not attach great importance to this, generally I think 35-45 is optimal you can analyze your account through these three data indicators on a regular basis, slowly will find something of my annualized earnings are basically around 50% fluctuations, I generally do 50 choose to rest, or to do is also another small account to do, mainly because I can not do this method too high profits, recently Im resting on my MT4 summary, to a large extent does not reflect the real situation of my account, you see a large continuous profit and profit after the retraction, in fact, just close the position caused by the time to close the profit orders, and then close the loss orders, the chart shows such a, this summary shows that I did 806 single, in fact, not so much, for example, I opened a position 1.5 lots For example, I opened a position of 1.5 lots, close a 0.5 lots, then close a 0.5 lots, and finally close a 0.5 lots, so it will count me 3 orders, in fact, I only placed an order once, if you also use MT4 to do transactions, you will understand in seconds you can see my trading idea is to manage orders, open a position every day in a fixed way, if the day profit, the order left, set a profit loss, if the stop loss, it is a loss, through the week Through the accumulation of a week, will accumulate a certain number of orders in the account, each Friday at 12:00 pm through the hedge and close to optimize an order, leaving only the weeks high and low points near the order, so the accumulation, and finally close the position is basically the accumulation of 50%, I closed all the positions, in fact, my strategy is very simple, is the discipline, patience, and then manage the orders, the most difficult part of the strategy, is that every week will be hit profit loss. The most difficult part of the strategy is the number of times a week that you will be hit with a profit loss is too much, especially tormented
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