Forex Trader Paul Nash Arrested in Thailand

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Despite the widespread suspicion about his actions, Paul Nash remains free. He was arrested in the UK in December 2013 in Billericay, a town in southeast England. At the time of his arrest, he had just moved to Canada for Christmas, renting his family s house. The arrest, which came as no surprise, was described as "an arrest and raid."

Natthamon has a YouTube channel with over 847,000 subscribers. The videos are meant to teach people how to trade forex. The company claims to give up to 100% returns and investors can invest in cash or through a fiduciary contract. However, the company has been linked to a scam that involved luxury watches worth more than 800 million baht. The company s owner has changed his name twice and was also a singer.

Police in the country are investigating this fraud, and have already arrested six people. They allegedly operated out of a residential neighborhood in the town of Vasai. The accused men would call up individuals from across the country and offer them a chance to invest in foreign exchange trading. The funds would then be siphoned off and diverted to their own personal accounts.

The government is considering criminal charges against several people in the currency trading industry, including a former RBS employee. The raid was part of a broader crackdown on foreign currency exchange fraud, which has roiled small investors and big name banks alike. The raids, which took place late Tuesday and early Wednesday, targeted at more than calculate profit in forex trading people, mostly currency traders.

The raids, which occurred in a cyber-crime investigation, involved two young men. They had swindled more than 100 people via websites that simulated foreign exchange trades. While a police spokeswoman did not say how many others were arrested, the arrests indicate a worldwide investigation into these scams.

Some forex scams make use of the complexities of the market to attract unsuspecting investors. Scammers may even hide important information from novice traders. They may promise you a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity and disappear after you pay them. Forex scammers have become very sophisticated at scamming people to get their money. Traders can catch these individuals by observing their patterns of activity.

Forex is a volatile, high-risk market. A faulty trade can wipe out most of your investment. The CFTC warns investors to take the time to learn more about Forex trading and how to protect themselves from scams. Most forex scams are spread by word-of-mouth, and most scammers will try to gain your personal information.

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