Do foreign exchange to learn to forget the past!

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forexbrokerrebateprogram foreign exchange for 10 years, made some new friends, of course, there are also high people inside the le forex broker rebate programure time of making a single, many people chatting with me, the most said a sentence is: when there was no stop loss on the good, when the position was opened on the good, when the hold is autorebateforex put on the rich ...... this is a cashback forex pathology this impact may be. The next trade without stop-loss protection; begin to doubt the judgment of their next open or closed positions, thinking forexrebatebest they are always doing the wrong thing technical loss of principle and psychological loss of confidence may make the next phase in a disorderly state I think that when doing transactions, the implementation of their own trading strategies or trading systems, sometimes to make themselves like machines but some people say that mechanical trading systems are good, but I personally I personally think that in terms of intelligence, it is absolutely no match for the experienced hand mechanical trading system because of its own program problems, sometimes become very bulky, for the new changes in the market, the response is not fast enough, often a series of losses, however, mechanical trading system has a point of benefit can not be ignored that is, it is to avoid the psychological impact of human, I summarize the point, that is: "it is never I often think that this is a very important point to judge a real master of the currency market if it is a person, he can do this is the absolute master of the trade the so-called wisdom of the fool, a little "Forrest Gump" flavor, he can be very numb to the frustrations of life, so the results are very good instead Therefore, trading to a little forgetfulness, do not Regret may be better for their own many people think "to learn from a mistake," "from there to fall, at that time to get up," the result of a trading failure will lead to: a, constantly in the loss part of the position, do not believe that their error of judgment, or want to trade losses in the past to bo back two, after eating a big loss, the exchange rate fell to the bottom, do not dare to build a position to pull up, since it is tempted to short so repeatedly stepped short to do after a, regardless of losses and wins, forget it to focus on the next transaction, always thinking about the last pen to make money, will be careless; always thinking about the last loss will be no confidence, these are not good we used to exams, after an exam, the teacher always warned us, do not go to the answer, do not think about Exam over the things, focus on the next preparation which is the same reason
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