Do foreign exchange short term trading you need these operating techniques and strategies!

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foreign forexrebatebest autorebateforex forexbrokerrebateprogram operat cashback forexg techniques to avoid blowing up, to reduce losses / here you list 5 forex broker rebate program short term traders have huge losses or blow up easy to make mistakes, if they can do, will be invincible! 1, reasonable set stop price this setting must be before you place the order, think of a reasonable stop price, the first time after the order to fill in the stop price, can be the first in the foreign exchange short term operation Time to reduce losses; 2, do not ignore the role of the point foreign exchange short term operation is nothing more than four modes: low, low, high, high short; unilateral momentum, the four points are desirable, but if there is an oscillating market, you can only choose low, high, short, choose the other two will cause the situation to chase the situation an uncontrollable loss; 3, reasonable control of positions peoples psychological capacity is different, for the capital Allocation is not the same, here about reasonable control of positions, is to tell the foreign exchange short term operators do not take too large a position or full operation, or once the trend reverses, the loss will increase, of course, the rich often do not play by the cards can be excepted; In addition, in the momentum of the unilateral, you can add appropriate homeopathic single, and do not change at will, against the trend; 4, pay attention to the frequency of transactions in the foreign exchange market 24 hours a day Trading, who can not guarantee that each wave of the market can be grasped, so foreign exchange short term operators should pay attention to the frequency of transactions, too much trading frequency may lead to technical analysis errors 5, psychologically defeat themselves if you have their own ideas, decisive to implement do not hesitate, this is also one of the skills to do qualified foreign exchange short term operations, in fact, a good stop loss will help you avoid the risk of fear of what; if you are a novice must be correct mentality, earn less also try not to lose money, do not put a small amount of money in the eyes; to trade with a calm mind, when the mind is not good first calm, or depressed mood often cut positions prematurely or prematurely stop gain, mood extreme excitement often produces greed, may let the profit single into a loss single Why traders to do "short term" What are the benefits of short term forex operations? /The first one is that the traders are more relaxed, the end of todays trading, you can enjoy the day, and do not have to worry about the risk of tomorrows trend, do not have to predict tomorrow, do not have to consider the complex plate analysis; 2, "short" trading losses are relatively small; 3, the accumulation of small amounts of success, the same can be achieved, and less investment, with a small amount of money can bo The big profit, and the risk is smaller; 4, foreign exchange newcomers generally have to experience the process of foreign exchange short term operation, after learning the method, touch the other day and week trading, for the future to do medium and long term is very beneficial, is a valuable test hand;   foreign exchange short term operation how to do to succeed? /1, foreign exchange short term operation skills how to succeed in the choice of the chapter: we know that the price of foreign exchange in operation is constantly changing, and this change has a certain inertia embodied, we can take advantage of the opportunity to gain profits, for example: in the upward trend, 1 or 3 minutes on the K-line chart, the previous K-line is a negative, when the next K-line shift to a positive, then there is a buying match, we enter the market to do more therefore can make a judgment, the next K-line may also "inertia" out of the second, or even the third positive, in short, when the inertia out of the highest point, we will have the time to close the position for profit; with this method of profit after closing the position, you will have completed a nickname short operation; and we do not have to count the 4th, 5th K-line and the subsequent 2, foreign exchange short term operation skills how to succeed in the psychological chapter: do not have any subjective sense of direction before making a single, be sure to set a good stop-loss point or stop-loss conditions; remember too greedy, to get used to accumulate less into more, and do not count profit and loss or price high and low when entering and leaving the market; in addition, always keep in mind that the characteristics of the short term operation is "short ""fast"", do not hesitate to leave the field and contrary to the original intention at the time, forget the previous specified trading strategy; 3, foreign exchange short term operation skills how to succeed in the technical chapter: foreign exchange short term operators can refer to individual varieties of 30-day average to bounce back operation 30-day average in the currency price rise, when When the exchange rate falls, and become an important resistance level; for example, the exchange rate in a long-term decline or consolidation market, the exchange rate suddenly rose, but then the 30-day SMA rebound is obviously subject to greater resistance, then the foreign exchange short term operators should promptly reduce positions or exit to do short term trading only to choose the largest volume in recent days, increasing positions, leading up or in leading down that "The most popular varieties" to do; small volume completely excluded, that is not your directional target;    
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