Do foreign exchange margin trading you will these stop-loss methods

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The global foreign exchange forexrebatebest forex broker rebate program like a very large system, in this market to do investment, facing the huge benefits of temptation, at the same time accompanied by huge risk pressure, this is a place that does not depend on the will of man; learn to avoid risk, is undoubtedly one of your mandatory courses, stop autorebateforex this course, how do you repair? Through the study of this article, you forexbrokerrebateprogrameak to understand the importance of stop loss; the flexibility of stop loss; set the stop loss method!  A, the importance of stop loss: at the time of your entry, know that the development of the market situation is not as simple as you think, the foreign exchange market trends are susceptible to unexpected events, which is often said to be the foreign exchange market windy, ever-changing; whether the key point at a certain price level can have a breakthrough is often accompanied by controversy, if unexpected events occur on the foreign exchange market caused a major impact, the exchange rate If a major shock to the foreign exchange market occurs, the exchange rate surges or plunges, and you choose the wrong direction and did not set a stop loss, then you will lose a lot, you see, stop loss is like a trading umbrella, you must set a stop loss to seek to minimize losses; Second, the flexibility of the stop loss stop loss there are no rules and laws? It is difficult to say, the setting of the stop loss should be flexible, you just remember one thing, the ultimate purpose of the stop loss is to reduce losses and retain profits so set the stop loss needs to be reasonably adjusted according to the market price and the state of profit and loss 1, if the entry to play a tie, then the cost price can fall how much as a stop-loss level 2, if an entry is in a winning position, then immediately raise the stop loss level, the highest price of the day to fall how much As a stop-loss level later with the rise of profits, gradually modify the stop-loss level to do the above two points, generally can ensure that losses are minimized, in the unpredictable foreign exchange market to do "step by step to win" three, foreign exchange margin trading set stop-loss method 1, fixed stop-loss method fixed stop-loss method, as the name implies, refers to the amount of loss set to a fixed proportion, when the loss is greater than the proportion of the timely closure of the method; this is in so the stop-loss method is the most simple; why say the most simple? Because with this method investors do not have to rely too much on the judgment of the market, this method is generally applicable to investors who have just entered the market or risky market investors As for how much the stop-loss ratio is set appropriate, we are divided into two cases: one is the proportion of the stop loss that investors can afford to set according to their own profit expectations, this proportion is affected by different investors mental capacity and different investment mentality; two is Trading varieties under the random fluctuations of the stop-loss ratio settings: this refers to the absence of external factors, the market trading group behavior resulting in disorderly price fluctuations fixed stop-loss ratio setting is a dynamic process, investors can set based on experience 2, technical stop-loss method technical stop-loss method compared to the fixed stop-loss method is much more complex, we set the stop-loss through technical analysis, to find the key technical level to set the stop-loss single; this puts forward higher requirements for investors; you need to have strong technical analysis and self-control In general, the use of technical stop-loss method, is nothing more than a small loss betting on big gains For example, in the uptrend channel after buying the lower rail, waiting for the end of the uptrend and then close the position, and the stop-loss position is located near the relatively reliable average moving line on the Shanghai market, the broad market index upward, the 5-day average can maintain the short term trend, the 20-day or 30-day average will 20-day or 30-day averages will maintain the trend of the medium and long term once the uptrend begins, you can intervene at the 5-day average and set the stop loss near the 20-day average, you can enjoy most of the profits brought by the rising market, but also in time to get out when the head is formed to ensure profits in the early stage of the rising market, the 5-day average and the 20-day average are very small, even if you look at the wrong market, stop loss near the 20-day average, the loss will not be too big. Again, for example, after the market enters the consolidation phase (Pan Bureau), there is usually a box or convergence triangle pattern, the price and the medium-term average (generally 10-20 days) of the deviation rate gradually reduced at this time, investors can intervene in the technical maximum deviation rate, and the stop-loss level at the maximum deviation rate of the Pan Bureau so that you can low into high, get the difference once the price of the medium-term average deviation rate re The magnification means that the board has ended at this time, if the price has turned into a downtrend, investors should decisively leave the board is relative to the unilateral city of the board at the beginning, the market is unstable, the greater the shock, traders can boldly intervene in the board later should be appropriately narrowed stop-loss range to improve the insurance factor 3, unconditional stop-loss method This stop-loss method is somewhat like the technical rules of trading "crocodile The unconditional stop loss, that is, regardless of the cost, to escape the stop loss when the market fundamentals have taken a fundamental turn, investors should no longer have any illusions, save the strength is the key, or will only drive themselves into a corner fundamental changes are difficult to reverse, which is why we make such a decisive decision through the above introduction, I believe we have a stop loss It can be said that, with the trend of good stop loss is the only way for investors to win; In addition, it should be noted that: you can use more stop loss in the high price circle, in the low price circle less or not, in the medium price circle should depend on the market movement trend in short, the key to stop loss settings is to change according to the market trend and change, profit is the key, do not have a fluke, give up part of the possible profit and put themselves in Risk; although the general market operation basically determines the use and allocation of funds, but it has almost no impact on the setting of stop loss
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