Do cross plate also to prevent risk

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  Recently forexrebatebest the personal foreign exchange forex broker rebate program market, more cashback forex more foreign exchange friends began to get involved in cross plate trading In fact, whether to do straight trading or cross plate trading should be profit-oriented Today, we mainly d autorebateforexcuss with you how to avoid the risks in cross plate trading We know that the exchange rate between Chinas yuan and the forexbrokerrebateprogram is relatively stable yuan The exchange rate with other currencies are with the dollar and the currency changes, if the dollar is in a strong, the yuan is also a strong currency Therefore, we no longer participate in personal foreign exchange trading transactions should be the U.S. dollar as the local currency and settlement currency is good, to the dollar (local currency) against other currencies trading is called straight trading, and leave the dollar for the cross-trade cross-trade trading characteristics of the three 1, the transaction fee is low, in straight trading the fee required for the point has not yet arrived, while the cross-board trading has begun to profit; 2, in straight trading after being set, the use of cross-board trading so that the number of currencies held increasing, and therefore can take the initiative to unsettle; 3, cross-board trading space is relatively large, any currency can be traded freely between, as long as the grasp, a lot of opportunities to make money but I The point I want to emphasize today is that in the strong dollar or dollar fluctuations, to resolutely stop cross-trading, because at this time to carry out straight trading will be safer and more opportunities for profit method Lets say, holding the dollar is like sitting on the beach to watch the sea, straight trading is like taking a yacht to the sea, and cross-trading is swimming, surfing, diving, we can not always lie on the beach We can neither lie on the beach nor swim in the sea for a long time, only the combination of the three, alternating operation, is the best trading scheme cross-board trading in the biggest risk is the sudden rise in the price of the dollar, the price of other currencies against the dollar suddenly fell and formed a huge black whirlpool, so that those who swim in this whirlpool, surfing, diving people are all drowned in order to avoid being drowned, that is, to avoid the risks of cross-board trading. The best way is to get back to shore in time before the big wave comes
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