DMI indicator principle and calculation method

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  A, the principle of autorebateforex indicator  DMI indicator cashback forex through the analysis of stock forexrebatebests in the process of rise forex broker rebate program fall in the balance of power between buyers and sellers changes, that is, the change in the power of the long and short sides by price fluctuations and the impact of the cycle of equilibrium to imbalance, so as to provide a basis for trend judgment Technical indicators  The basic principle of the DMI indicator is to find the stock price up and down in the process, the stock price to create new highs or new lows, the study of the long and short forces, and then seek the equilibrium point between buyers and sellers and the stock price fluctuations in the interaction between the two sides of the cycle process in most indicators, the vast majority of the closing price of each day of the trend and the cumulative number of up and down to calculate the different For example, if the closing price of a stock is the same on two days, but the price fluctuates by a small amount on one day and by more than 10% on the other, the analysis of the two days is different, which is difficult to show in most other indicators. The DMI indicator is to calculate the daily high and low volatility factors, so as to more accurately respond to the market trend and better predict the future development of the market changes  Second, the DMI indicator calculation method  The DMI indicator calculation method and process is more complex, it involves DM, TR, DX and several calculation indicators and +DI (i.e. PDI, the same below), -DI (i.e. MDI, the same below) -The basic procedure for calculating the daily DMI indicator, for example, is as follows:    (1) compare the daily stock price fluctuations generated by the highest price, lowest price and closing price according to certain rules (1) according to certain rules to compare the daily stock price fluctuations generated by the highest price, lowest price and closing price, calculate the true volatility of the daily stock price fluctuations TR, +DI, -DI, in the calculation of the base day based on a certain number of days to add them up, in order to n days of TR, +DM and DM value   (2) will be n within the value of upward movement and downward movement divided by n days of the true volatility value, so as to find the n days of upward indicators +DI and down indicator -DI   (3) through the ratio of the difference between the rising indicator +DI and the falling indicator -DI within n, calculate the daily movement value DX   (4) according to a certain number of days will be added to the DX average, to find the average movement value within n days ADX   (5) then through the current days ADX and the previous days ADX compared to calculate the ADX evaluation value ADXR   and other indicators of the same calculation, due to the different calculation period selected, DMI indicators also include daily DMI indicators, weekly DMI indicators, monthly DMI indicators annual DMI indicators and minute DMI indicators are often used in the stock market research and judgment is the daily DMI indicators and weekly DMI indicators although they are calculated when the value is different, but the basic calculation method is the same In addition, with the development of the stock market software analysis technology, investors only need to master the basic principles of DMI formation and calculation methods, no need to calculate the value of the indicator, more importantly, the use of DMI indicators to analyze, research and judgment Stock quotes
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