How Can I Trade Forex As an American Citizen?

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One of the questions on people s mind is how can I trade forex as an American citizen. The Dodd-Frank Act has made it harder for American traders to trade in foreign currency, but this law only applies to brokerages and not individual traders. US citizens can still open accounts with offshore brokers that do not fall under the jurisdiction of US regulators. They can also choose from among numerous unregulated brokers.

The Internet is a great place to find a US Forex broker. There are more than 60 Forex brokers with US offices. Different brokers have different cost structures and services. Knowing what you want from a broker will simplify the search. Once you ve determined what type of trading you want to do, you can choose a broker. If you re unsure of which country you re from, try a few brokers.

Although the US government has enacted many regulations pertaining to foreign traders, the vast majority of Forex brokers are regulated offshore. The PDT rule is an exception that affects Americans. Because of this, US citizens cannot use their credit cards to fund their forex trading accounts. But there are many Forex brokers that do allow US citizens to open an account. However, you have to use limited leverage and be sure to read the rules carefully.

The best way to trade Forex as an American citizen is to register with a broker registered with the SEC or CFTC. The regulations are quite strict and it s important to find a broker that is registered with the regulators in your state. If you do find a broker registered with these organizations, you ll be safe trading. However, it is still important to be sure that the broker is regulated in the country you re from.

In the US, a broker cannot offer hedging, which means placing an order in the opposite direction to reduce losses. This practice is banned by OFAC regulations. Therefore, US citizens are at a significant disadvantage compared to traders in other countries. Nonetheless, they can request official help and reach the US. You can also apply to trade forex if you re stranded outside the US.

There are many online brokers that offer a US resident the opportunity to trade foreign currency. Trader s Way offers the tightest retail spreads and is a true ECN broker. IC markets offers the best spreads and the largest variety, but unfortunately, US citizens can t open an account with them. In addition, US citizens are also subject to the tax on global income - a foreign account must be reported to the IRS.

The risks of trading forex overseas are different for each person. However, the vast majority of offshore trading is legal and is conducted by US-registered brokers. They will be listed on the NFA website. If you are unsure of the broker s legitimacy, don t worry - US-registered forex brokerages are safe for you. It s important to remember that you can only trade with US-registered brokers if they are registered in your country.

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