Analysis of the relay pattern

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A, the core of the operation of the forexbrokerrebateprogram We understand that the analys autorebateforex of the pattern is the crown jewel of the technical analysis method, which is because the pattern is very timely to reflect the changes forexrebatebest market psychology, so that the pattern to predict the market in advance and the forex broker rebate program pattern is the brightest of the jewel, compared to the reversal pattern, more favorable to our operation, because the reversal pattern, no matter how great the grasp, belong to the counter-trend Operation, while the relay pattern is the best borrowing tool for homeopathic operation The relay pattern indicates that the price adjustment structure that appears on the chart is only a temporary break in the current trend, and the next direction of market operation will still run in accordance with the original trend This provides a very good basis for our operation: 1, the direction of the transaction is determined to follow the original direction, which does not have the risk of counter-trend; 2, the relay pattern have patterns The key support and resistance generated by the form itself, to clearly identify the risk of trading; 3, the relay pattern in the direction of continuation, there will always be a regular occurrence, the more severe unilateral trend, the more the relay pattern In a phase of the market trend, the reversal pattern may only appear 2 times, that is, the beginning and end of the time, while the relay pattern can appear countless times, until the trend reversal Then What opportunities should we be more aware of to take advantage of? The answer is already very obvious, so the relay pattern should be seen as the core of the analysis and operation of the pattern The following we will begin to learn the most important types of relay pattern: triangle relay pattern, cashback forex relay pattern, rectangle relay pattern, wedge pattern In order to facilitate your learning, we are going to conclude the content is mainly to rise in the process of rising relay as an example to explain to you, down in the process of falling relay pattern The analysis method and operation is similar, the training process will be combined with the actual trend to identify and operate guidance II, the analysis and operation of the triangle relay Triangle relay identification Triangle relay pattern can also be subdivided into symmetrical triangle, rising triangle, falling triangle three, triangle pattern is composed of 6 points, 5 sides, respectively, as follows: Operation essentials 1, entry signal  On the whole, the rising triangle ascending relay has three entry points: A, the last point e point in the process of triangle formation; B, upward breakthrough of the upper edge of the triangle generated by the breakthrough point; C, after the breakthrough back to the upper edge of the pullback point of the triangle 2, stop-loss settings For the triangle ascending relay stop-loss setting points, the most based stop-loss price is always the lowest point a point below the triangle formation process; and in After the formation of the breakthrough, the stop loss can be raised to at least the last triangle composition point e point near the bottom Triangle rising relay in the upward breakthrough before the start of the pull-up, sometimes in the last point formed when the formation of a downward false breakthrough, but this breakthrough will not fall below the a point, which is why we initially set the stop loss to a point near the bottom of the reason 3, the target measurement rising relay Operation, by definition, we should not have to predict the target, because this is a homeopathic operation, homeopathic operation is the best way to operate is to constantly protect the winnings by raising the stop loss, allowing the development of the trend to expand the winnings But in order to calculate the initial profit and loss ratio is appropriate, as well as some short-term trading investors looking for a short term to close the target, we have the most basic target measurement of the triangle rising relay in the following chart The minimum target line for the lower edge of the triangle as the basis for the high point parallel, which is the minimum target line of the exchange rate rise, can be used as a preliminary reference, after the market whether to raise the target is required to combine the general trend, rhythm and the exchange rate rose to the minimum target line when the local trend to decide even if only with the minimum target line, we can find the operation of the profit and loss ratio are more appropriate, if the rising relay appears in the hour Figure, the space after the breakthrough is basically the exchange rate of a single day of regular volatility And in the actual trend, the exchange rate often regularly exceeds the minimum target measurement range, and sometimes there will be a relay pattern followed by a relay pattern, and constantly improve the exchange rate of the rising space So in the operation of the relay pattern, you can choose to close your position in the minimum target according to your personal character, but absolutely not to operate against the trend Three, the analysis of the flag relay and Operation The identification of the flag relay Flag relay in the frequency of the relay pattern should be the highest one, the regular adjustment pattern most often appears in the form of a flag, the rhythm of its operation is shown in the following chart: The number of oscillations in the flag process is not specified in detail, at least two downward oscillations to constitute the most basic reference point of the flag, we often see the number of oscillations is 3-4 times but not the more times the more favorable to the flag Up the more favorable, the key is to see whether the process of oscillation flag adjustment slope increase changes Operation essentials 1, entry signal to the rising trend of the flag rising relay for example, the flag rising relay can form 3 types of entry opportunity points: A, the lower edge of the flag of the second (including) after the touch point; B, upward breakthrough of the upper edge of the flag generated by the breakthrough point; C, after the breakthrough of the upper edge of the flag pullback opportunity points 2. Stop-loss settings flag rising relay operation, stop-loss is a continuous adjustment process, the key to see which type of entry point is selected If you choose the lower edge of the flag A buying opportunity point, the initial exchange rate set the stop-loss price should be near the bottom of the lower edge of the flag, with the definition of the downward breakthrough as the stop-loss setting line If you choose the B or C type of buying opportunity point, the stop-loss setting price for the previous flag pattern Near the bottom of the lowest point as the stop-loss setting line 3, target measurement The target measurement of the flag relay, compared to the triangle relay, it becomes even more unnecessary, for the same reason, we are only the minimum target measurement of the flag rising relay, that is, the parallel channel upward equal distance translation, to get the minimum target line, after touching may produce a certain resistance in this judgment time I hope you More combined with the trend for reference, because the flag relay upward breakthroughs are often able to flagpole as the initial target Four, rectangular relay analysis and operation rectangular relay identification rectangular relay and flag relay compared to the performance of the original trend is relatively stronger, but also a very common relay pattern, that is, we usually say: up-〉 sideways-〉 then up; down-〉 sideways-〉 then down trend  The number of rectangular oscillation process is not specified in detail, at least 2 downward oscillation to constitute the most basic reference point of the rectangle, we often see the number of oscillations is 3-4 times Operation essentials 1, entry signal Here we also take the rising trend of the rectangular rising relay as an example, rectangular rising relay can produce 3 types of entry opportunity points: A, the lower edge of the rectangle after the second (including) touch point; B, up Breakthrough of the upper edge of the rectangle generated by the breakthrough point; C, breakthrough of the upper edge of the rectangle after the pullback opportunity point 2, stop-loss settings rectangular rising relay operation, there is a basis for the stop loss price is in the rectangle below the level of the lower edge of the nearby in order to prevent the number of shocks too much risk, investors can also be in the exchange rate up close to the upper edge of the rectangle, the position of the stop loss up to follow up, to protect existing profits, mainly with In some oscillation amplitude wider rectangular pattern 3, target measurement rectangular rising relay of the minimum target measurement, for the rectangular relay process of the height of the upward shift double, which is only the minimum distance; more often than not, the exchange rate of the homeopathic operation can exceed this range, and sometimes can produce and flagpole the same rising indication effect V, the analysis of the wedge relay wedge pattern and flag pattern is similar, both belong to the short-term Adjustment pattern, the formation of the reasons for the price of the first period of a sharp march, the price fluctuations, and the angle is close to vertical, the formation of a flag pole, multiple or empty after a period of sprint, the price in the short term was reversed small retracement, and the formation of wedge or flag from the morphological point of view, the two graphics are like hanging in the flag pole of the flag, only the flag for the parallelogram, while the wedge is the upper and lower two neckline, will cross in the short term, the The formation of a long flat triangle, shaped like a triangle flag in the upward trend, wedge-shaped triangle from the left to the lower right, in the downtrend, wedge-shaped triangle from the left to the upper right tilt wedge-shaped pattern within the volume, also from the left to the right decreasing, but its volume is not like the flag to maintain a certain level, but shrinkage faster, the price fluctuations within the form, but also much smaller than the flag similarly, the wedge finishing time should not be too long, too long, the form of force will disappear, may also cause the pattern of price reversal wedge and flag and a little different is that the flag finishing breakthrough, the price accelerated upward, can be said to soar, while the wedge breakthrough, the price trend is more rational, a mild upward trend, in the momentum is not as shocking as the flag breakthrough, but the future price trend is easy to grasp wedge and The appearance of the flag is not yet the end of the performance of the market, these two patterns have a price break, multiple or short-side temporary adjustment, in order to continue to have the power to move in a certain direction of the role of the same time, they also play a role in adjusting the angle Generally speaking, the price whether up or down, the trend angle to 45 degrees as the baseline, when the price angle is too steep, or deviate from 45 degrees, the price will produce to 45 degrees Correction of inertia, based on this, the price trend is a flag pole, the angle has been deviated from 45 degrees, so the price will use the wedge or flag to do horizontal correction, in order to make up for the energy of multiple or short-side follow-up attack
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