How to Install a Sirius XM Car Receiver

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Sirius XM satellite radio is available in as many as 100 million vehicles. It offers a wide selection of music, talk, sports, and other channels. Many of these are commercial-free. The company offers a variety of subscription options, including a free trial. You can subscribe to the service online or by using an app. Some features of the system include TuneMix(tm), SportsFlash(tm), and Traffic & Weather Now.

There are several types of Sirius XM receivers, ranging from ones that are small enough to be installed in the car to one that is a full-featured car stereo with an exterior antenna. These receivers come from a variety of manufacturers, including Polk, Rockford Fosgate, Advent, Dual, and MagnadyPanasonic. They also have a host of special features, like a smartphone connection, a touch screen, and a USB connection.

To install a satellite radio in your vehicle, you will first need to determine whether your car has a factory-installed auxiliary input. Most do, but if yours doesn"t, you will need to use an auxiliary cord to connect to the radio. Using a cable that matches the type of connection found in your car"s stereo is the easiest way to ensure that your connection is successful.

Once you"ve identified your vehicle"s auxiliary input, you"ll need to program it to receive the SiriusXM signal. The manufacturer will provide instructions on how to do this. A typical SiriusXM radio is easy to install, and it comes with a car kit to ensure your installation goes smoothly. However, you should consult your local auto electronics retailer before purchasing a vehicle kit.

If you have an auxiliary input on your car"s stereo, the easiest way to make a connection to Sirius XM is to plug a cable into the AUX IN port on the front of the unit. This is usually located near the cigarette lighter.

Alternatively, you can use an FM transmitter to send the audio from the satellite radio to your car"s audio system. Depending on the model of Sirius XM car receiver you purchase, you may be able to store multiple transmit channels. For example, you can select a channel based on the postal code of the city you"re in.

Depending on your location, you can also purchase a Sirius FM Direct Adapter. Using this adapter, you can connect your car"s FM modulator directly to the SiriusXM satellite receiver, eliminating the need for a separate auxiliary cable. This adapter can be purchased from a local SiriusXM retail store.

Whether you"re a fan of classic rock, country, or pop, you"re sure to find the right radio to match your tastes. With a wide range of programming options, you"ll be able to choose between the best music, sports, and talk shows in the country. Plus, you"ll get access to thousands of hours of On Demand content, including movies, popular podcasts, and videos of your favorite SiriusXM shows.

If you"re a fan of sports, you"ll love the ad-free entertainment offered by SiriusXM. Not only does this service offer live games from all major professional sports, but it also features in-depth coverage of college basketball, football, baseball, and more.

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