Hinderer XM-24 Review

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The Hinderer XM-24 is the largest model in the company"s line up. It has all the bells and whistles, including a full titanium frame lock, a four inch M390 stainless steel Wharncliffe blade, and an end to end reversible pocket clip. With a weight of 7.8 ounces, this is one heavy duty folder. If you"re looking for a high quality, no frills stab and slide knife, this is your best bet.

As with all of Hinderer"s offerings, the XM-24 is made in the U.S., with a premium finish and materials in mind. The XM-24 is also available in a number of different blade styles. From the aptly named M390 and D2 steels to the more upscale G10 and G10 lite, you can get a blade designed for the job you"re after. A titanium pocket clip is also optional, and can be mounted for tip up or down carry.

In the world of high-tech tactical folding knives, the Hinderer XM-24 has earned its place in the pantheon of the most useful and useful folding knives. Not only is it the largest model in the company"s line-up, it"s also the granddaddy of all the XM folding knives. The XM-24 has a lot to boast about, from the aforementioned four inch blade to its oversized forward choil, which is ideal for choking up the blade to perform precise cuts. The aforementioned 4" blade has also been treated to a tad of a sanding and filing, so it will hold up to a hard day"s work without showing its age.

For a full review of the XM-24, including pictures and specifications, visit the official site. You can also check out other models and other products at Hinderer"s online store. If you can"t make it to the store, you can always order online and have it shipped directly to your door! Most items ship within a few business days.

The XM-24 flies under the radar of many knife shoppers, but it"s a worthy addition to your collection. With its full titanium frame lock, a textured Black G-10 scale, and a four inch M390 stainless steel blade, this is a knife that"s a pleasure to use and a pleasure to own.

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