XM Satellite Radio

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XM Radio is the nation"s leading digital satellite radio service, offering consumers a wide variety of programming and audio content. It is operated by Sirius XM Holdings Inc. XM is a satellite radio company that provides broadcasting and data services to its customers in the United States and Canada. XM consists of three satellites that provide high-quality broadcasts of audio and video content.

The XM satellite system enables consumers to enjoy high quality, gap-free coverage throughout the contiguous United States and Canada. Two satellites are located in geostationary orbits, which means that they reach the Earth at the same altitudes. These two satellites are then used to broadcast encoded signals back to the Earth. There are also ground-based repeaters to supplement the satellite signal in urban areas.

XM Radio offers a variety of channels ranging from sports and talk to music and weather. This includes 67 commercial-free music channels and 30 news and sports channels. In addition to providing radio and video programming, XM carries traffic and weather information. Additionally, the XM system is available to collegiate and professional sports teams. XM"s broadcasting studios are in Washington, D.C. and Nashville, Tennessee.

Several companies, including Delphi Delco, GE, STMicroelectronics, and others, have worked with XM. Aside from its broadcasts, XM has an agreement with Honda to use XM radios in their automobiles. Several third-party developers have received cease and desist letters from XM.

XM"s technology was first developed by American Mobile Satellite Corporation (AMSC), a consortium of organizations dedicated to the satellite broadcast of telephone and fax signals. AMSC eventually spun off into a separate company, XM Satellite Radio Holdings, Inc.

XM was launched in 2001. Initially, XM broadcasted with two high-powered satellites in geostationary orbit. At the time of launch, there were over 1,000 XM terrestrial repeaters, and the number has been dropping since the service began.

XM"s satellites contain more than 170 channels of digital audio. To enhance reception, XM relies on robust diversity and signal coding to ensure reliable reception of over 100 audio channels. As a result of these efforts, XM offers its users the most diverse library of programming.

XM is now an official satellite radio provider for Major League Baseball. Moreover, XM provides sports fans with thousands of live sporting events each year. Other XM channels include a wide variety of comedy, variety, and commercial-free music channels. Some XM programs even feature live performances from the country music hall of fame in Nashville.

XM Radio was launched with a focus on providing gap-free coverage. In addition, the company offers digital audio services from its two satellites and ground-based repeaters. With more than 150 digital channels, XM is able to deliver a wide variety of music, video, and data content to its subscribers.

XM is the sole satellite radio provider in North America. Although XM has a wide range of offerings, its customer support is relatively poor. Many consumers report complaints regarding the quality of their service.

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